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Adam Clayton to write for British GQ magazine

@U2, March 31, 2016
By: Matt McGee


With U2 apparently having a little more free time than anticipated before its next album comes out, Adam Clayton has landed himself a new gig as Contributing Arts Editor for British GQ magazine.

According to a news release from publisher Conde Nast, Adam's first column will appear in the May issue of the magazine, and will focus on the work of artist Allen Jones. (Earlier this month, Adam tweeted a photo of one of Jones' works of art via the band's official Twitter account.) In that same news release, Adam offers this comment about his new role:

"For me, music and art are inextricably linked and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that. I'd love to see contemporary art be as popular and available as pop music."

We've got an email in to Conde Nast's PR team to find out if Adam will be writing every month or on some other schedule, and we'll update this if and when we hear back. (UPDATE: We're told Adam's column will be occasional, not monthly.)

In the meantime, the May issue of British GQ is due on newsstands April 7th (in the UK), and may or may not be readily available in other parts of the world.

(Adam Clayton photo by Sam Jones, provided by Conde Nast.)

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