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Adam Clayton Praises Music Generation and Prince in New York gala

@U2, May 06, 2016
By: Fernanda Bottini


Last night, Adam Clayton attended the 41st annual American Ireland Fund New York Dinner Gala. The event raised $2.7 million for hundreds of Irish charities.

"We in U2 benefited from access to musical education — it transformed our lives. We want the same opportunities for young people across Ireland," said Adam. "Music Generation is achieving this beyond anyone’s imagination. We are delighted that The Ireland Funds have joined us in committing to extending the program."

He continued: "Forty years ago when we got together as a band, our ambitions were predictable and simple: We just wanted to be the biggest band in the world. Forty years on, that seems like an innocent conceit. It did give us a healthy respect for how music can change lives and it is a rewarding irony that the success of Music Generation has been more fulfilling than any other achievement. That is why we believe that Music Generation is more than a cultural project — it is a social movement, too."

Adam also paid tribute to Prince, calling him "an extraordinary talent" and pioneer of the "new America" music scene. He told The Irish Times that U2 met Prince a couple of times during the '80s and early '90s. "Before Prince you didn’t have a black artist that could play lead guitar like, that could be on MTV and videos, that could be a fashion icon," said Clayton. "That didn’t exist and from him and MTV forward, the whole music scene and cultural scene in America shifted, and I think that’s why, particularly in America, Prince’s passing is considered such a cataclysmic event."

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