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Achtung Baby: Not Remastered, After All

@U2, October 21, 2011
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


It looks like we can all put to rest the ongoing Is-it-remastered-or-not? question. Responding today to fans on Twitter, Neil McCormick reported that the Achtung Baby remaster -- which he received earlier this week -- is not remastered. His first tweet:

In answer to queries about Achtung Baby, I went to the source. It hasn't been remastered because it "didn't need to be", apparently ...

He followed that with more info:

It's been sonically tweaked & polished but not, technically, remastered. Hope that makes more sense to you than it does to me. #U2 #Achtung

And then one final tweet:

I'm just telling you what I've been told. Not remastered. But tweaked & boosted. Its definitely louder. #U2 #Achtung

This has been a really strange issue to follow. When the Achtung Baby anniversary edition was first announced in August, the official page at made no mention of the word "remastered." But earlier this month, when the full track list was announced, that page had been updated and mentioned that the Achtung Baby CDs (but not Zooropa) were remastered. About a week ago, our friends at noticed that "remastered" had been removed from the official page. And the word currently doesn't appear on that official page. Strange, to say the least.

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