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"I remember being transformed, as a teenager, by [Elton' John's] Yellow Brick Road record. I started to take an interest in choosing my own underwear. I wouldn't let my mom buy it anymore." — Adam

18th Annual Build A Well For Bono's Birthday Fundraiser



We're only a few days away from Bono's 60th birthday! As usual, the African Well Fund is raising money to build a well in his honor. 

This year, the African Well Fund will partner with the Nsiama League, whose goal is to build a well in Nsiama, Congo that will provide 2,500 people with clean water. This project will also help increase food production and sanitation. The event will run for the entire month of May, ending on May 31. Donors are also encouraged to sign Bono's birthday card and include a message. The card will be presented to him at the completion of the fundraiser. 

In honor of Bono's landmark birthday, the African Well Fund reached out to the U2 community to collaborate on the theme of this year's fundraiser. The chosen theme for 2020 is "There Is A Light...," submitted by Tassoula E. Kokkoris, who said, "inspired by the lyric in U2’s ‘Song for Someone,’ I initially submitted the theme as a nod to Bono and the light he brings through his music, humanitarian work, and by extension, African Well Fund. But now, considering what we’re all facing during this pandemic, the lyric has evolved into something much more poignant.” The project also features an original painting of Bono by Kelly Eddington inspired by the theme.

Since the campaign's inception in 2003, U2 fans have raised over $275,000 to fund the construction of clean water wells and other sanitation projects benefiting more than 86,000 people throughout Africa, including Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. 


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