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I'm going to kick his butt. As it happens it's a very nice butt, as prime ministers go. -- Bono, on Canada's Paul Martin, 2005

We're Going To Hell 2016 Lyrics

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Note: U2 has released different versions of most singles in different countries. We are not showing every cover image in this space, just one that's representative of each release.

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The snow is blowing
That son of a bitch
Inside it’s glowing
We’re lucky we’re rich
We’re nice and cozy 
We jing-jing-jingle the bell
Oh baby, it’s cold
But we’re going to hell
I fill my hot tub with Dom Perignon
My frappacino’s delivered by drone
’Tis the season and we’ve all done so well
But this time our sleigh ride is going to hell
We got Jimmy Choos and rooms with views
We’ve got bags and pearls and scotch
We’ve got major key and as you can see
We even got the Apple Watch
We’ve got Ferraris and a weekend home in Carmel
But if we don’t help people with AIDS
We’re going to hell
Say, Neil, is there any chance we could get you to do some tap dancing for us over there? C’mon Channing. 
What you say, Neil? Let’s cut a rug. 
Well, I didn’t wear my tap shoes for nothing! 
Dance with me, Channing! Hit it!
Hey guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, you’re uh tap dancing on a carpet and no one can actually hear the tapping. 
Oh, oh, good point. Should we do it over here?
Naw, we’ll put it in later. It’ll be fine. Thanks, mommy!
No problem, you were terrific! I love that kind of dancing, don’t you folks?
We’ve got lobster tails and caviar
And truffles by the pound
They serve it on fine china
And I throw it on the ground
I get real cozy with all of the ladies
But if you don’t start helping out, you’re going to hades
I got a room full of weights with solid gold plates
A personal trainer named Thor
Cuban cigars, energy bars
A hat that says it sucks to be poor
We’ve got Mercedes, Bentleys
Wear perfume so we never smell
Ooo baby it’s blowing
But our pockets keep growing
Our muscles are showing
And it’s hot where we’re going
If we don’t help people with AIDS
We’re going to hell
Welcome in to my cauldron of sin
I’ve been admiring how selfish you’ve been
Kept it all for you, kept it all for yourself
Now you’re here with me in helf
Hold on, what? Did you say helf?
That’s not a word, there’s no helf. 
It’s Gaelic. 
Oh, oh sorry. 
This is a warning for those who are greedy
Those who forget those who are needy
Watch out, you’re going to hell
My Christmas gift: one second pass
Or you’ll wind up down here with me on your ass
Oh baby, it’s snowing
But our pockets keep growing
If we don’t help people with AIDS
We’re going to hell
If we don’t help people with AIDS
We’re going to hell
It’s true, it’s really true
(This song features Mr. MacPhisto, Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen Bell, Brandon Flowers, Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick Harris, DJ Khaled, Halsey, and Channing Tatum)