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"[The Joshua Tree] captures something that Bono has live, which we haven't done before." — Larry

The Unforgettable Fire - Live From Pasadena 2010 Lyrics

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Ice, your only rivers run cold
These city lights, they shine as silver and gold
Dug from the night, your eyes as black as coal

Walk on by, walk on through
Walk till you run and don't look back for here I am

Carnival, the wheels fly and the colours spin
Through alcohol, red wine that punctures the skin
Face to face in a dry and waterless place

Walk on by, walk on through
So sad to beseige your love
So hang on
Stay, stay in the song tonight
Stay in the song
Stay in the song
Stay, stay tonight
Come on, take me home
Come on, take me home
Home again

Stephen Gately, a beautiful spirit. A bright, shining star.

Don’t let it go
I’m letting go

And if the mountains should crumble
Or disappear into the sea
Not a tear, no not I
Stay, no no no
Stay in the song
I’ll stay in the song
Stay in the sunshine
Stay in my mind
Stay in the song
Don't push me too far tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight