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"[M]usic has lost the personality of human beings and musicians. It's got so shiny that it's as if there's a surface of Formica over it. And it's something that doesn't let you in." — Edge

Pete The Chop Lyrics

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"Stylistically quite different to anything else on 'Boy,' much to the annoyance of our label, it was passed over when e chose the songs to record for the album. Thereafter, at regular intervals, we would here the same question from Island - 'Whatever happened to Pete the Chop?' Why we added 'Treasure' to the title I have no idea, perhaps it was to protect 'Pete the Chop' from the resulting and potentially personally catastrophic media attention." - The Edge, War 2008

I read the stars in your eyes
Look me back and no surprise
I can hardly break down
My heart's in the clouds
You know you know I know you know
I was shimmering for a time
You know I know it should be better
I just take it
A moving star sings with power
Won't you take the early star
I could follow my nose where
I know how your garden grows
I know you know, you know they show
I pray like you would be so
I know I know, I need to know

Pete the Chop won't be stopped
Pete the Chop, please don't stop
Pete the Chop, he's gone in strong
Pete the Chop, his love is gone
Beat the chimes in your eyes

On condition you will fly
I've got a feeling of you
Don't wanna break it, take it

Pete the Chop, listen sharp
Pete the Chop can't seem to stop
Pete the Chop lives on top
Pete the Chop, now your started
The Chop, places to go and

Now, your's is to know it

Pete the Chop, yours is to know it
Pete the Chop, yours is to know it
Please don't, your shirt for dessert, don't mind me
Pete the Chop, you go
Got me down, got me chopped, got me chopped
Pete the Chop please don't stop

(This is an early song from U2 that was never released but was played live)