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"I don't like music unless it has a healing effect. I don't like it when people leave concerts still feeling edgy." — Bono

Mothers Of The Disappeared Lyrics

Note: U2 has released different versions of most singles in different countries. We are not showing every cover image in this space, just one that's representative of each release.

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"'Mothers Of The Disappeared' came out of Bono's trip to El Salvador. Larry had a drum loop that Eno put a treatment on which is just so eerie and foreign and scary. I think the Spanish guitar melody came from a song Bono had used in the caps in Ethiopia to teach African children some very basic hygiene. The keening he does in that is kind of prehistoric, it connects with something very primitive. He was inspired by this strange, almost silent protest of the mothers of people who had disappeared without any trace but were assumed to be victims of torture and kidnap and murder. Bono had met with them and understood their cause and really wanted to pay tribute to it." - Adam, U2 By U2 2006

Midnight, our sons and daughters
Were cut down and taken from us
Hear their heartbeat
We hear their heartbeat

In the wind we hear their laughter
In the rain we see their tears
Hear their heartbeat
We hear their heartbeat

Night hangs like a prisoner
Stretched over black and blue
Hear their heartbeat
We hear their heartbeat

In the trees our sons stand naked
Through the walls our daughters cry
See their tears in the rainfall