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"I don't think it's a big part of our music to be drunk, or out of it. We're out there enough as it is." — Bono

A Day Without Me - Early Version Lyrics

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"Our emotions aren't just glossy, throwaway things. Some people saw 'A Day Without You (sic)' as escapism, but it was about suicide. I don't expect people to dig into our material with a knife and fork but... I write at the microphone-with pen and paper I start on the things I suppose I should be writing about rather than what I feel. As they take a long time to come out of me, they take a long time to sink in." - Bono, NME 1982

I'm causing a landslide in my ego
I pull up the backside you left behind

I'm dreaming, you're asleep
Am I believing what's at stake

Today's a day without me

Whatever tomorrow links with D-Day
If there's a sorrow, please be the same

Today's a day without me

If there's a piece saying
I can't see though
Whatever the tensions say
We still get out
And yet we still get out
But I can't seem to let go
And the peace of my own
I just can't seem to let go

Today's a day without me