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"I'm a minimalist at heart. If a song doesn't need a solo, I'm not going to force one into it."

-- Edge

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Found On:

The Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack (2000)

Unreleased And Rare (2004)

The Complete U2 (2004)

Note: U2 has released different versions of most singles in different countries. We are not showing every cover image in this space, just one that's representative of each release.


I've got no home in this world
Just gravity, luck, and time
I've got no home in this world
Just you and you are not mine


Such a girl

There are no colors in your eye
There's no sunshine in your sky
There's no race, only the prize
There is no tomorrow, only tonight

It's the difference

You can cover a world with your thumb
Still so big, so bright, so beautiful


Push down on me
Push down on me
A weight now
A weight down on me
Your weight down
Be the weight, hard
Down on me
Be the heavy hand
The wall of sand
Be the weight, hard
Down on me


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December 19 2017

09:00 PM - 11:00 PM - U2 at the BBC

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December 23 2017

10:00 PM - 11:30 PM - Wide Awake U2 Tribute Band Performance

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