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"Warcould be the story of a broken home, a family at war. Instead of putting tanks and guns on the cover, we've put a child's face.

-- Bono

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Cedarwood Road Lyrics

Found On:

Songs Of Innocence (2014)

iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live In Paris (2015)

Note: U2 has released different versions of most singles in different countries. We are not showing every cover image in this space, just one that's representative of each release.

"Cedarwood Road"

"I grew up on Cedarwood Road. A nice street full of nice families. People who shaped my world view. People I still admire and love. Like Gavin Friday, who lived up at the top of the road. But there was a lot of violence near by in my teenage years…skinheads and boot boys, blades and knuckledusters. Teenage parties where boys would turn up with hammers and saws…and I remember a lot of ‘hidings’ - I remember taking them and I remember giving them. None of that compared to the violence behind front doors, of a husband towards a wife, a brute father towards his children. Cedarwood Road had some dark and hidden sides like all places. Like all people." - Bono, Songs of Innocence 2014

I was running down the road
The fear was all I knew
I was looking for a soul that’s real
Then I ran into you
And that cherry blossom tree
Was a gateway to the sun
And friendship, once it’s won
It’s won, it’s one

Just across the river to the Southside
That’s a long way here

All the green and all the gold
The hurt you hide
The joy that you hold
The foolish pride
That gets you out the door
Up on Cedarwood
Cedarwood Road

Sleepwalking down the road
Not waking from these dreams
‘Cause it’s never dead
It’s still my head
It was a warzone in my teens
I’m still standing on that street
Still need an enemy
The worst ones I can’t see
You can, you can

Just across the river from the Southside
That’s a long way here

All the green and all the gold
The hurt you hide
And the joy that you hold
The foolish pride
That sends you back for more
Up on Cedarwood
Cedarwood Road

If the door is open it isn’t theft
You can’t return to where you’ve never left
Blossoms falling from a tree
They cover you and cover me
Symbols clashing, bibles smashing
Paint the world you need to see
Sometimes fear is the only place
That we can call our home
Cedarwood Road

And a heart that is broken
Is a heart that is open
Open, open

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