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"There's always room in rock 'n' roll for some stuff to start happening at a grassroots level, and the most interesting stuff seems to start there." — Edge

U2 Events: 2009

U2 Academic Conference
October 2-4, 2009, in Durham, NC

U2 Conference LogoThe Hype & The Feedback was the first academic conference devoted to U2 - the band's music, lyrics, message, and more. Scholars, teachers, journalists, clergy, and of course U2 fans from around the world convened in Durham, North Carolina, for a three-day event that both studied and celebrated U2's impact and meaning.

As the event's media sponsor, @U2 was proud to present a special screening of U2 3D to wrap up The Hype & The Feedback on the last night. After the movie, Matt McGee hosted a live conversation with Neil McCormick. After that, everyone retired to a great Irish pub just a stone's throw from the movie theater.

Featured Speaker Presentations

Here are a few recaps of what the featured speakers said, as posted to our blog.

Anthony DeCurtis: U2 Academic Conference
Jim Henke: U2 Academic Conference
Agnes Nyamayarwo: U2 Academic Conference
Neil McCormick: U2 Academic Conference


On Friday, Matt McGee was one of the guests on WUNC's "The State of Things" program, hosted by Frank Stasio. Agnes Nyamayarwo, Beth Maynard, and Matt spoke about U2 and the upcoming conference. You can listen online here. The segment runs about 20 minutes.

On Saturday, shortly after his opening keynote address, Anthony DeCurtis sat down with Matt for a short interview about U2's place in music history and other things (like why they haven't turned into the Rolling Stones). You can watch the five-minute interview on @U2's YouTube channel.


Our set of photos from the conference is available on Flickr. It includes the movie/reception on Friday night, continues through the conference itself, and ends with our Sunday night U2 3D/Neil McCormick event.

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