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"The last one had a kind of poet's head on him. This guy looks more like a bouncer."

-- Bono, on the birth of his second son, 2001

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John Tuohy

"If you don't know
Electric Co."

You ever think about a moment in your life where your brain took a snapshot of an event? It could be some random highway (Hwy 92 in San Mateo, CA). In some random car (a friend's '81 Sirocco). On some random summer day (of '84). Well, apparently I didn't know "The Electric Co.," because I asked my buddy, "Who are these guys?", when the UABRS version of that song started pouring out of his stereo system.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward 20 years, and many U2 shows later, I found @U2 and became a forum member. There are a lot of friends I've made through the forum over the years, but I'll mention one who really showed me what @U2 is all about: Angela was a writer here at the time, and through the forum she learned that I was trying to find an audio version of a U2 book. She knew that I couldn't see, and offered to narrate the book for me and record it on tape. "Seriously?," I asked. Well, she was serious, and she came through on her promise. Right then, I knew I wanted to be a part of the @U2 crew. So in 2006, I joined the staff as a Forum Moderator.

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October 25 2017

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Tonight in São Paulo

October 31 2017

Larry's Birthday

Our favorite drummer turns 56 today.

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