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"[I]f something goes completely wrong I can just phone Bono and find, again, that he's probably one of the best psychologists I know."

-- Ali

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Braden Farmer

My first memories of U2 are from the early 2000s. My dad was eager to introduce me to some of the music that he was into, and he gave me a copy of All That You Can't Leave Behind. Unfortunately, it just didn't click with my young, teenage ears -- their music seemed tame compared to the alternative rock I was primarily listening to. (Maybe I just hadn't made it as far as "Elevation" on the CD?)

However, when "Vertigo" hit the airwaves in 2004, something clicked. This was a more in-your-face version of U2 that I wasn't familiar with. Was this even the same band that I had tried to get into not long before? My dad then bought me a copy of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. I was immersed in a world of sound unlike anything I had listened to before. U2's music was on a whole other level compared to anything I had listened to before.

I then dove into U2's two Best Ofs, and was surprised at just how many songs from those CDs I had heard before. "Streets," "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "Mysterious Ways," "One," "Electrical Storm," even "Numb" -- how could all of these amazing songs have been written by the same band? I loved all of it, and I have continued to love it ever since.

Nowadays, I continue to listen to U2 almost on a daily basis. I love their 90's work the most, as well as pretty much anything they've done live. I live in Utah with my wife (and soon, one child!), and am passionate about technology and Android development. I'm super excited to be merging these passions with my love for U2 by developing the @U2 mobile app for Android.

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September 25 2018

12:01 AM - 11:59 PM - U2 Day 2018


September 29 2018

U2 Experience + Innocence Tour

Tonight in Copenhagen

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