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"I might be a hero on stage, but off-stage I'm an anti-hero."

-- Bono

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Eric Gifford

I became a U2 fan before I knew what an actual album was. An errant mind led me to discover "With or Without You" and The Joshua Tree. Growing up in a tiny town in northeastern Montana, my U2 fandom existed in virtual isolation until the Internet era allowed me to stream video from the official website pre-ATYCLB. I bought the band's CDs in whatever order I could get my hands on them without any knowledge of the larger U2 or music community's perceptions of each work.

I found in 2007, whiling away my time at a college job, and am now honored to be included in the ranks of the site's many passionate contributors.

The newest facets of my devotion to U2 include that of hobbyist, as I hunt down interesting vinyl iterations of their music, and teacher, as I indoctrinate the next generation (my three young children) about who's got the job: "What job? The best band in the world job."

For more from me check out my personal blog of reviews.

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September 25 2018

12:01 AM - 11:59 PM - U2 Day 2018


September 29 2018

U2 Experience + Innocence Tour

Tonight in Copenhagen

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