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"If you can break out of Dublin, you can break out of anywhere."

-- Bono

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Jacki Saunders

I have a really hard time narrowing down exactly when I became a U2 fan. They have always been part of the soundtrack of my house, along with other classic rock influences such as The Who, Bob Seger and The Beatles. I do remember, however, around my sophomore year of high school I found an old iPod with some songs loaded on it, one of which was the live version of "Where the Streets Have No Name" from Rotterdam during the PopMart tour. I became obsessed and started to play it over and over again, and eventually I started to listen to more and more U2, falling in love with the diversity of their music and eventually the story of how four boys from the north side of Dublin had the tenacity to become a band against so many odds.

There is no doubt U2 has shaped who I am today. I am currently a student at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. I am studying for my bachelors of social work and plan to work in community development and planning in the future. I work as an admissions officer at the university's honors program and I am a volunteer for ONE, leading a campus chapter of the organization here in Salem. All of these choices have been influenced by my love of U2. The band, and Bono in particular, have fed my passion for social justice and activism and I am so excited to start my career in this field in the future.

When I am not being a student, working, or obsessing over my "boys," as I call U2, I love to run. I am a distance runner who has competed in the USA Track and Field mountain series and has completed the six-mountain race course. I am also an avid writer. I have been published on both The Odyssey and the ONE Campus blog and one day in the future I plan to publish a novel.

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12/16 - 12/17/2017

Bono & The Edge on Dave Fanning

Songs of Experience, Track by Track

December 16 2017

09:00 PM - 11:00 PM - The Joshua Tree - U2 Tribute Band Performance

Tonight in Marlborough

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