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"I don't think that understanding what our beliefs are is important. What is important is that we get our audiences thinking about things for themselves."

-- Adam

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You cannot contact U2, Bono or any band member through this website.

This is a fan site based in Washington state, USA. We have no direct contact with the band. If you send us an email that's intended for any member of U2, it will be deleted. Instead, please visit the band's official website, if you're trying to contact U2.

There are many U2 fans who are responsible for the content and services you enjoy on @U2. They all work here for free (which is one reason they were hired in the first place!), and they all contribute a tremendous amount of time, energy, and brain power to continue improving @U2 as the #1 U2 fan site on the Internet. Most importantly, they contribute their passion for U2 and its music.

So, we're gonna introduce them all to you ... even the ones who won't be seen in public with the rest of us!


Name Title Email
Scott Calhoun Writer Email
Kelly Eddington Achtoon Baby artist Email
Tassoula E. Kokkoris Calendar Editor, Writer, etc. Email
Sherry Lawrence Writer, Event Planner Email
Marylinn Maione Writer Email
Liseth Meijer Writer Email
Karen Lindell Assignment Editor, 'Soundbyte' Mgr. Email
Jill Marino Writer Email
Christopher Endrinal Writer Email
Becky Myers Writer Email
Tim Neufeld Writer Email
Fernanda Bottini Writer Email
Collin Souter Writer Email
Jacki Saunders Writer Email
David Whitt Writer Email
Eric Gifford Writer Email
Mason Merritt Writer Email
Geoff Wilson Editor Email
Robert Palacios Visual Design Email


Name Title Email
Ian Ryan Lyrics Decipherer, Forum Moderator Email


Name Title Email
John Cropp Email
Aaron Govern Email
Ross Perry Email
Brian Betteridge Email


Name Title Email
John Tuohy Moderator Email
Kenny Irwin Moderator Email


Name Title Email
Chris Enns Producer, Host Email


Name Title Email
Jason Peterson Programmer Email
Braden Farmer Programmer Email


Name Title Email
Steve Lawrence Email
Phil Romans Email
Scott Perretta Email

In Charge of Being In Charge

Name Title Email
Matt McGee Founder/Editor Email
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November 23 2018

Black Friday Record Store Day

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November 30 2018

08:30 PM - 10:30 PM - L.A. Vation Tribute Band Performance

Tonight in Leeuwarden

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