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Achtung Baby Price Tracker

U2's Achtung Baby will be re-released around Halloween in a handful of different formats. This 20th anniversary edition ranges from a single CD release all the way up to an "Uber Deluxe" box set with six CDs, four DVDs, multiple vinyl records, a hardback book and a variety of other extras (including a pair of replica Fly Shades).

With prices for that Uber Deluxe version generally being several hundred dollars, and fans on the hunt for the best deals, we've put together this Achtung Baby Price Tracker listing the current known prices for all five versions at a variety of popular online stores.

We invite you to tell us if any of the price information below needs to be updated. See the bottom of the page for contact information.

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4-LP Vinyl Set
Super Deluxe Box
Uber Deluxe Box
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Here are the official descriptions of each release from

CD: the original album

2CD Deluxe: a 2xCD set containing the reissue of the original album plus B-sides and rarities.

4-LP Vinyl Set: a limited release containing 4 LPs, two of which are pressed on translucent blue vinyl containing remixes and B-sides. The box includes a 16 page booklet.

Super Deluxe Box: will contain the 6CDs and 4 DVDs, in addition to a 92 page hardback book and 16 art prints in a wallet.

Uber Deluxe Box: a magnetic puzzle tiled box which will contain: 6 CDs including the original Achtung Baby album, the follow-up album, Zooropa, B-sides, remixes and re-workings of previously unheard material recorded during the Achtung Baby sessions. 4 DVDs including From The Sky Down, Zoo TV:Live From Sydney, all the videos from Achtung Baby plus bonus material. There will also be the Achtung Baby double vinyl album plus 5 clear 7" vinyl singles in their original sleeves, 16 art prints taken from the original album sleeve, an 84-page hardback book, a copy of Propaganda magazine, 4 badges, a sticker sheet, and a pair of Bono's trademark 'The Fly' sunglasses.


1. We cannot list every online store and are not trying to. We're focusing on some of the main and most trusted online stores in certain countries.

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3. If you find a price above that needs to be updated, please e-mail webmaster @ atu2-dot-com and we'll do our best to make the update quickly. Be sure to tell us which store and Achtung Baby version you're referring to, i.e. - "Amazon Canada vinyl set needs to be updated."

4. We may not be able to acknowledge individual e-mails.

5. Some links above are affiliate links.

6. If you're planning to buy from another country, keep in mind that the DVDs in the Super and Uber sets might be playable only in their home regions.

7. In that same situation, also remember that exchange rates can be volatile and what seems like a bargain now (when you pre-order) may not be such a deal when the order is processed. (You might want to re-check exchange rates the week before the release date.)

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