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It's very clear in our music that we don't have any answers, but that the questions are at least worth asking. 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.' How much more clear can you make it? -- Bono

Jessica Hurwitz

My U2 story begins with seeing the video for "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me," wondering, "Is this guy supposed to be the devil? I'm not sure what's going on but this song is fantastic." The next song that really stuck was "If God Will Send His Angels." "This guy, Nicolas Cage, is a great actor and I have to learn more about this awesome band, U2." Exactly one of those statements was correct. U2 just kept coming up and providing my life with an amazing soundtrack. Soon after that, I bought almost every album they had made up to that point and listened to them non-stop. Driving to school with my sweet six CD changer in the trunk, U2 was all six CDs for years. Rattle and Hum might be the first documentary I ever watched. I just kept cascading down the U2 rabbit hole. If you could wear out a CD, I would have worn out All That You Can't Leave Behind. The U2 iPod is in my nightstand as I type this and The Complete U2 digital box set is on my iPhone - that was a lot of money back in the day, especially when I had no money! Seven concert tours later, I'm so grateful for the positive impact U2 has had on my life and very happy to be a part of the @U2 family.

In my life outside of U2, I work in marketing in San Francisco and enjoy cycling, snowboarding, sour beers, Monty Python, Nicolas Cage movies and petting all the furry animals. Twitter: upperclass_twit