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The biggest bodyguard of all has to be our manager, Paul McGuinness. -- Bono

David Whitt

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It's 1983 and my life revolves around surviving high school, working a couple part time jobs, and watching MTV for several hours each day. I was into groups like The Police and INXS, and never really paid any attention to U2 until I saw the video for "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from Under a Blood Red Sky. I knew little about the Troubles of Northern Ireland, but between Larry's signature drum opening and Bono encouraging the crowd to sing "No more!", all set against the rain and cold of Red Rocks, the song resonated with me for some reason. I immediately became intrigued with the band, but it wasn't until hearing "Bad" from The Unforgettable Fire on cassette a year later that I knew U2 would become one of my favorite groups. Almost 35 years later, I've been fortunate to see U2 on every tour since Zoo TV. I also teach a class at Nebraska Wesleyan University called "Songs of Ascent: The Music and Meaning of U2." I'm honored to be part of the ATU2 team and look forward to sharing some of my U2 classroom experiences with readers.