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"It's a total audience assault. You certainly wouldn't want to be doing the wrong drugs out there." — Adam, on Zoo TV

@U2 Awards and Recognition


RollingStone.com referred to us as "the definitive fan site @U2."

GQ magazine called @U2 an "absurdly comprehensive fansite."


Canada's QMI press agency called @U2 a "top fansite."

Brazil's Vagalume music website called @U2 "one of the most reliable fansites."


Hot Press referred to our Tours site as "always brilliant."


In August, the Detroit Free Press called @U2 "the Web's leading U2 fan site."


In December,Entertainment Weekly included @U2 at #4 on its list of the 25 Best Fan Web Sites covering music, movies, or television. We were the highest music fan site to be listed.


In May, Rolling Stone magazine called us U2's number-one fan site, and listed our podcast as a recommended download. This appeared in the magazine's 1,000th issue, a special collector's edition.


In December, the Portland Oregonian newspaper recommended @U2 to its readers, calling us "a respected and in-depth fan site."

@U2 finished 38th in the voting for the "People's Choice Award - Best Music Website" at the 2005 Digital Music Awards in October.


@U2 was named a "Best Bet Site to See" by the Binghamton (NY) Press & Sun-Bulletin in December.

Also in December, the Dallas Morning News gave @U2 an A- grade and described us as "super-comprehensive." The A- grade was the highest of five U2 sites graded, including the band's official site, U2.com

In October, @U2 was shortlisted as one of five worldwide finalists in the voting for "People's Choice - Best Unofficial Site" at the 2004 Digital Music Awards.


In November, @U2 photographer Jim Rinaldi had two of his Slane Castle photos used in the booklet which accompanied the release of U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle on DVD.

Slane Pix

In May, @U2 and staffer Rashas Weber were thanked in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS of the new book, The U2 Reader, by Hank Bordowitz:

Rashas Weber of @U2, an excellent website that made some of this research easier and other bits possible.

In April, @U2 was named as one of the "Recommended Websites" listed on the (unofficial) DVD titled U2 - An Unforgettable Journey.


In November, @U2 was voted #28 in the People's Choice category at the 2002 Interactive Music Awards. It was the second consecutive year we were the highest-ranked unofficial U2 fan site.

In a February article offering advice on how to find out about Grammy nominees on the Web, the Chicago Daily Herald trumpeted U2's official web site, U2.com, as a "killer official site", and then politely declared @U2 "even more obsessive." But it sounds like they meant that in the best way:

"Atu2.com is even more obsessive; in fact, it's a model example of a fan site done right. Daily news bites, randomly generated quotes by and about the band, a detailed calendar of events, a database of "hidden meanings" ferreted out by fans and a complete collector's guide only scratch the surface. There's even a guide to U2-related landmarks for those visiting Dublin. This is the place that can take your U2 fandom to the next level, though if you're that into them you probably already frequent the site."


In September, @U2 was voted #51 in the People's Choice category at the 2001 UK Online Music Awards. At #51, we were the highest-ranked unofficial U2 fan site. U2's official site, U2.com, finished at #29 in the People's Choice category.

In August, Ireland's Hot Press magazine said the following about @U2 in their special Slane Festival edition of the magazine:

"There's no way you'd get such slothfulness from www.atu2.com, a news service that's as authoritative as it is sharply written. Updated daily by a worldwide team of stringers, it's arguably better at delivering scoops than the band's own official site. They're not afraid to take the piss either, with a nice line of cartoons and funnies."

In the spring, @U2 was listed as the #2 U2-related web destination by Swiss magazine SonntagsZeitung: "Ranked as best U2 fan site on the web by the music magazine NME, @U2 even has its own team of authors and invites you to a virtual city tour under the section U2's Dublin Guide." The band's official site, U2.com, was rated #1.

Also in the spring, @U2 was named "Editor's Choice" by the editors of the Netscape/Open Directory Project web directory. The only other U2 site to receive such recognition was the official site, U2.com.


In December, @U2 received a 4-star rating from the UK's MP3 magazine, a rating bested only by U2's official web site U2.com.

@U2 is honored to have been named "Best U2 Fan Site" by the long-standing UK rock magazine NME. The honor was given in the magazine's October 14 issue.