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"He is a brainy man and he thinks extreme poverty is stupid." — Bono, on Bill Gates


u2 e+i promoIt includes songs from the 2015 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, the 2017 Joshua Tree 2017 tour, and the 2018 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour. 


Achtoon Baby U2niversity map

In the newest Achtoon Baby, U2 invites you to enroll in U2niversity.

podcast hero 1200px

A conversation with Aaron Govern of our Tours team about his recent acquisition of the oldest known recording of U2 playing live.

James Henke at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum_Cleveland, Ohio

For many years after, James Henke cheered on U2 as music editor for Rolling Stone and then as chief curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Henke, whom Bono credits as inspiring him to write one of U2’s greatest hits, “Pride (In The Name Of Love),” died of complications from dementia July 8, 2019, at age 65.


OTR off the record 2019 1200px

Hi! I’m Karen. In case you missed it, Matt, the founder and fearless leader/CEO/captain/boss/moderator/manager/mentor of ATU2, happily stepped down from his position. I am grateful and humbled to be elected by the staff to inherit leadership of a site that is all because of him. 


Excalibur tape cassette

The ATU2 Tours team has acquired the earliest known live recording of U2 in concert.


U2 360 tour Giants Stadium 2011

June 30, 2019 is the 10th anniversary of the first date of the the 360 Tour. In its honor here are 10 little things about the biggest tour in the world.


Chloe Howard and Bono

Chloe Howard, after being bullied at school for her clubfoot, met Bono and was inspired by his words to create Stand Beautiful, an anti-bullying and self-acceptance movement. 


Joshua Tree Tour 2019

U2 will be singing more in Singapore! The band has added a second show to The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 at National Stadium, on Sunday, Dec. 1.