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We realised that there's only a certain amount of Joshua trees you can chop down.-- Larry, on recording All That You Can't Leave Behind, 2002

(USE THIS) Anton Corbijn Joshua Tree Tour 2017 1200px

Speaking in Germany on Wednesday, Anton Corbijn said that a Joshua Tree Tour 2017 film is almost done and will be released in 2019.


Welcome to the new @U2

Hello U2 fans,

Welcome to the new @U2 website! We're really glad to (finally) take the wrapping off the latest version of atu2.com and let you join us in what we think is a much better reading and content consumption experience all around.


Willie Williams interview E+I Tour 1200

You may have noticed: For the first time since the U2 360 tour, we didn't run an interview with Willie Williams, U2's longtime show director, in the early days of a new U2 tour. Then out of the blue, an email arrived on Nov. 28....


U2 Lists - Edge Guitar Solos

Using both logic and emotion, two of our staffers take a stab at picking out Edge's best guitar solos. Let the arguments begin!


Bono at Economic Club of Chicago 2018

Bono is scheduled to participate in a talk on Thursday about fighting extreme poverty and AIDS with Ariel Investments President Mellody Hobson, Chairwoman of the Economic Club of Chicago.


SOE album cover

We’ve now had 365 days to ruminate over Songs Of Experience. Members of the ATU2 staff, one year after the album’s release, thought we'd share our thoughts on SOE’s 13 songs (not counting the bonus tracks).


U2 E+I tour e-stage 1200

U2 has picked up three nominations for the upcoming Pollstar Awards. Two of the nominations are specific to the Experience + Innocence tour.


Bono solo sitting talking 1200 (NBC Today Show 2018)

Saturday is World AIDS Day and Bono marked the occasion by appearing this morning on NBC's Today Show.


OTR off the record 1200

It’s been a few weeks since the Experience + Innocence Tour concluded in Berlin, Germany. The past seven months are still a blur, but what became exceedingly clear to me is the 2018 tour was the most personal one U2 has ever produced.