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"[G]enius, scientist, a man sexually aroused by data, a Zen Presbyterian and one of the few Christians I've ever met and liked."

-- Bono, on Edge

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A collection of the latest U2 news and announcements posted by our staff.

U2 Set List: Washington, D.C., June 18, 2018

Posted: June 18, 2018
By: Fernanda Bottini

Monday's show was the second night of the Experience + Innocence Tour in Washington, D.C. U2 performed the usual set list at the Capital One Arena, except “All Because Of You” replaced “Gloria,” which was played Sunday.

“We’re a band from North Side of Dublin. If you let us in, we’ll never leave,” Bono said during “I Will Follow.” “Washington Capitals right in front of you,” was the shout-out during “Beautiful Day.”

The show had a lot of political references to U.S. immigration policy. “I especially love people that use the Bible to justify whatever they want,” MacPhisto said. “Willful blindness can tear apart a family or a country,” he said during “Staring At The Sun.”

Bono also talked about “dreamers caged at the borders” before “Pride.” “This is not America. Who is America? Where is America?” he questioned. And finally, during “City Of Blinding Lights," he said that “the city shining on the hills belongs to everyone.”

See full Washington D.C. set list.

Next: Boston, June 21.


U2 Conference Rewinds Pop In Belfast

Posted: June 15, 2018
By: Sherry Lawrence

The third installment of the U2 Conference took place in Belfast this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Peace Agreement and U2's influence during that era, focusing on the importance of the album Pop. Attendees from around the globe enjoyed hearing from long-time collaborators Catherine Owens, Steve Averill and Shaughn McGrath about the visual aesthetic of the Pop, focusing on the creative process and collaborative nature of it. Plenary addresses by Dr. John Brewer and Dr. Fiona Magowan from Queens University spoke on the cultural shifts after the Peace Agreement, as well as how music can end conflict. In an emotional session, Andy Rowen joined author Steve Stockman in a discussion on the power of songs to change a life. Rowan is the inspiration behind  "Bad" and "Raised By Wolves."

Attendees were treated to two dozen presentations on a variety of topics aroud the conference theme of "Popvision." The conference's website will be updated in the next few weeks with conference papers and a recap.


U2 Set List: Philadelphia, June 14, 2018

Posted: June 14, 2018
By: Tassoula E. Kokkoris

The Experience + Innocence tour resumed Thursday with U2 playing the second of two shows in Philadelphia. "All Because Of You" took the spot of "Gloria" — otherwise the set list remained the same as the show last night. In Bono's "chat with Ali" before "You're The Best Thing About Me" he mentions that many in the U2 family went sightseeing in Philadelphia and Adam Clayton went up the Rocky steps.

Here's the full Philadelphia 2 set list. If you were at the show, please use that link to share your review and photos with other @U2 readers.

Next up? Washington, D.C. on June 17.


LISTEN: @U2 Podcast #84 - Edge's Calves Probably Aren't Hurting Like This Today

Posted: June 14, 2018
By: Matt McGee


Chris reviews U2's two-show stop in Montreal, Tassoula covers U2 at The Apollo, and Matt tries (unsuccessfully) to get a word in between.

If you've subscribed to the podcast via iTunes or your favorite RSS reader, you'll get the download automatically. You can also listen on

@U2 Podcast #84 – Edge's Calves Probably Aren't Hurting Like This Today

We have a couple hashtags you can use to contribute to the podcast going forward:

  • #askatu2 — if you have a response to something you hear on the podcast, or just want to ask a question or suggest future topics
  • #atu2podcast — send a photo of yourself listening to the podcast!

Thanks for listening! You can watch this episode below.


U2 Set List: Philadelphia, June 13, 2018

Posted: June 13, 2018
By: Matt McGee

The Experience + Innocence tour resumed Wednesday with U2 playing the first of two shows in Philadelphia. It was the standard E+I tour set, with "Gloria" back in the No. 5 slot after missing a couple shows. Bono dedicated "13," the final song of the night, to U2's former tour manager, Dennis Sheehan.

Here's the full Philadelphia 1 set list. If you were at the show, please use that link to share your review and photos with other @U2 readers.

Next up? Another show in Philadelphia on Thursday night.


U2 at Apollo tonight (and all month) on SiriusXM

Posted: June 13, 2018
By: Matt McGee

U2 Apollo promo

U2's historic concert Monday night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem will premiere today on SiriusXM, and will also repeat more than a dozen times before the end of June.

Today's premiere happens at 5:00 pm ET and will be on both channel 30 (the temporary U2 Experience channel) and channel 101 (Howard Stern's channel). If you miss it today, SiriusXM is planning multiple replays throughout the month of June. All of these will be on channel 30:

June 14: 8 am ET
June 15: 2 pm ET
June 16: 10 am ET
June 17: 7 pm ET
June 19: 6 am ET
June 20: 12 pm ET
June 21: 6 pm ET
June 22: 9 am ET
June 23: 8 pm ET
June 25: 11 am ET  
June 26: 4 pm ET  
June 27: 8 am ET  
June 29: 1 pm ET

If you're a SiriusXM subscriber, you can listen via satellite radio, the SiriusXM app and/or its website. If you're not a subscriber and really want to hear the concert, there is a trial offer available.


U2 Set List: Uniondale, June 09, 2018

Posted: June 09, 2018
By: Fernanda Bottini

Experience + Innocence Tour is back to U.S. after two shows in Montreal. The last time U2 played in Uniondale was during the ZOO TV Tour, in 1992.

One big surprise tonight. "The Electric Co." made its tour debut. The song wasn't played since 2015.

In conversation with Ali, Bono said that he misses home. "I love you. See you soon."

After the "Women Of The World" moment, Bono talked about "looking for unity in the world." He said we need brains from women and men to solve the world's problems. And, also people from right and left working together.

See the full Uniondale set list.

Next: Philadelphia, June 13.

But on Monday, June 11, U2 will perform a special and intimate concert at the legendary Apollo Theater in NYC (invitation only).


New on Twitter: @U2tickets account for buying/selling/trading U2 tickets

Posted: May 27, 2018
By: Matt McGee


@U2 is proud to partner with the fans from German site on a new Twitter account that we hope will make it easier to buy, sell and trade U2 tickets. Appropriately enough, the new account can be found at @U2tickets.

The idea is simple: Fans with extra tickets to trade or sell (face-value only) can tweet their offer to @U2tickets, and those tweets will get retweeted out to everyone who follows @U2tickets. Fans can then handle the trade/sale directly without our involvement. There are some additional rules and guidelines in place, so we strongly suggest you read the account's first tweet, which will also be pinned on the account page for future reference.

As the E+I tour goes along, we'll be looking to partner with additional fan sites around the world to help run the account. For now, we'll work with to handle any unexpected issues that come up and get the account running smoothly before we bring in more fan sites to help.

Follow @U2tickets today!

Note: Both @U2 and will continue to offer fans a place in our respective forums where ticket sales and trades can be done. Ours can be found here. (It's only visible to logged-in account holders.) This Twitter account isn't a replacement for those forum boards. Considering the speed of Twitter and the fleeting nature of tweets, you should also check those boards for ticket offers that have been around more than a couple hours or a day.


Free: #U2eiTour wallpapers for your smartphone

Posted: April 25, 2018
By: Matt McGee


The Experience + Innocence tour is just a week away, and we have a special gift to help you keep track: free wallpapers for your smartphone!

Below you'll find links to five images with all of the dates and cities that U2 is scheduled to visit on the E+I tour this year. There are two wallpapers for leg one, and three for the second leg. You're welcome to save any/all to your phone and use them as your home/lock screen as the tour progresses.

Links to see/save the wallpaper images are below -- enjoy!

Leg 1: May 2018

Click to view

Leg 1: June/July 2018

Click to view

Leg 2: August/September 2018

Click to view

Leg 2: October 2018

Click to view

Leg 2: November 2018

Click to view

(Note: We've tested the images on a number of different Apple and Android-based smartphones and are happy with the appearance, but the size of your phone's screen might mean that the fit isn't quite perfect.)


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