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The only thing that gets me through the day is music. Because I know what's the truth. -- Adam

no line on the horizon vinyl reissues 1200px

For audiophile fans who might be wondering who did the remastering of the two new remastered vinyl editions of No Line On The Horizon that will be released Feb. 22, ATU2 has the answer.


Bono & Pavarotti

A short commercial for the upcoming film premiered during Sunday's Grammy Awards telecast.


Dublin Guide updated 1200px

Heads up to any U2 fans heading to Dublin soon: We've just finished a much-needed update to our "Guide to U2's Dublin."


Loveland Living Planet Aquarium - The Claw stage 1200px

U2 fans, we have a couple questions for you beginning with this: Are you interested in a U2 Fan Weekend in Utah this year to see the U2 360 Claw at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium?


dublin exhibition visitor center 1200

U2's plans for an exhibition and visitor center in Dublin are alive and well.


bono davos wef 2019 1200px

Bono returned to Davos Wednesday to bang the drum for the world's poorest at the World Economic Forum.


mini golf U2

Who’s the best putter in U2? Paul Gorman has the answer, and an autographed plastic golf ball to prove it. In 2018 Paul and his wife, Amy, of Buffalo, New York, won the (RED) campaign fundraising contest through Omaze to play a pre-concert game of miniature golf with Bono and Edge. (Adam and Larry showed up too.)


Teaching U2 1200px

David Whitt concludes his "Teaching U2" series with reflections on four years of teaching a college course about U2.


no line on the horizon 2019 vinyls 1200px

As No Line On The Horizon turns 10 years old, the album gets re-issued next month on remastered vinyl.