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"The soul is much stronger than any technique. That's what we have."

-- Adam

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@U2 is a free web site and we expect it will always remain that way. We're blessed to have free web hosting provided by One World Telecommunications (OWT).

However, we do pay OWT for any programming and behind-the-scenes site upgrades. In our 2007 Reader Survey, you indicated that you would prefer to make voluntary contributions to help @U2 pay these costs, rather than have us place advertisements on the web site.

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In addition to our occasional development/programming costs, we also incur costs while bringing you the U2-related news coverage we do on this web site. We have more than 20 U2 fans working on the web site, and they spend their own money to report from events like the RRHOF induction ceremony or Bono's commencement speech at UPenn, for example. Combine the gas, hotel, and related costs, and it can be very expensive to report on an event.

We use the word "contribution", and not "donation" for a reason: A "donation" implies that you're giving something and getting nothing in return. We hope that's not the case here! A "contribution", on the other hand, implies that you are part of the larger effort. And by contributing some spare change, you are.

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December 1 2015

Bono on Countdown to Zero and Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tonight on HBO

December 5 2015

07:00 PM - 11:00 PM - Newtown Kindness Fundraiser

Tonight in New York

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