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Where's Willie? Not on the 3rd Leg, That's Where

@U2, October 12, 2001
By: By Matt McGee


We can confirm the rumors that have been circulating for a couple weeks now: Willie Williams, Show Designer extraordinaire, is not working with U2 as the band takes the Elevation Tour's 3rd leg around North America this month and next.

Williams tells @U2 he has "retired temporarily" from the Elevation Tour, "all very amicably, of course." He says he's in the U.K. working on other projects and looks forward "to seeing the U2 folks again soon."

Williams has worked with U2 for nearly 20 years, going all the way back to the War Tour of 1983. He was a key figure in conceiving, designing, and producing the outdoor spectacles of Zoo TV and PopMart. His work with U2 and other acts -- including R.E.M., David Bowie, Oasis, Green Day, Bryan Adams, and more -- has won him numerous stage production awards. In 1997, Wired magazine named Williams "one of the top 25 visionaries behind entertainment beyond the year 2000." Aside from his role on U2's tours, Williams was also the first editor of Propaganda, the magazine of the official U2 fanclub, and he wrote the companion book to the Rattle and Hum movie.

In his absence, Williams says Bruce Ramus and Stefaan Desmedt will continue to oversee lighting and video, respectively, on the current tour.

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