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"[I]t's absurd that a singer in a rock band puts on a pinstripe suit and goes for a walk down Wall Street banging on doors. But you know what? They opened."

-- Bono

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Vintage U2

@U2, July 18, 2013
By: Rashas


With nearly 8,000 items in our database, it's a sure bet you haven't read them all. This month we take a look at 1990, an arid desert when it comes to U2 news. Fortunately U2's fan club magazine, Propaganda, comes to the rescue, along with some sass from Edge!

A Clockwork Orange

Edge: [Author] Anthony Burgess didn't seem to like the score that we wrote for Clockwork Orange, nor did he like the production itself. I don't know -- he's very old, it would have worried me more if he had liked it. He's written 17 symphonies, you know -- no one has heard them but he says they are brilliant.

Live From Love Town

Unfortunately, the 747 aeroplane bringing the band's equipment didn't cope quite so well, being hit by a flock of seagulls en route and getting grounded for several days. This meant the gear didn't arrive until the afternoon of show day. Edge was heard to mutter that he really wasn't bothered by the incident, but it would have been more tolerable if the plane had been hit by a decent band.


"I love the idea that in the past you'd hear the Stones, the Who or Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles, on the same bill and they'd all play 20 minutes. That sounds ideal to me because I think rock 'n' roll should not be much longer than that. It's all about the intensity of the songs. Ideally I'd love to just go out and play an hour of new songs and have three great acts on the bill. I'd have Elvis to open, then Jimi Hendrix and the Beach Boys before we go on. Followed by Bob Dylan. In fact, I suppose we'd have to be the opening act!"

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August 8 2015

Edge's Birthday

Our favorite guitarist turns 54 today.

August 21 2015

Bono and Ali's 33rd Anniversary

Bono and Ali celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary today.

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