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"It's like taking the rock jerk that the Fly is and . . . take him to his logical conclusion, which is when he's fat and playing Las Vegas."

-- Bono, on his MacPhisto persona

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@U2 QOM September 2012: U2 Goes to School

It's back to school time for a lot of people. What class should each member of U2 take, and why?

@U2, October 07, 2012


(Each month, @U2 puts a spotlight on U2 fans with our "Question of the Month." We pose a question to our readers and invite answers of 200 words or less. If you're interested in taking part, check our home page to see if the current question is still open. If not, check back shortly after the beginning of next month and we'll have another question ready to be answered!)


@U2 Question of the Month

John Ballard: Are you kidding? They should not be taking courses. They should be teaching courses, leading courses, facilitating courses.

Global Economic Theory
Topic Course: Economic Development in Africa

Seminar: How to be a Rock Star?
Seminar: Pitfalls of Being a Rock Star

Fundamentals of Football (Soccer for the USA)
Group Decision Making: The Importance of the Devil's Advocate

The Edge:
Existentialism in the Age of Faith
Topic: Stairway to Heaven - The Stairway and the Song

Hugo Cruz: All four members should take piano lessons. Never hurts to expand your musical abilities and horizons.

Joseph Pittella: Ding Ding, school is now in session.

Adam Clayton, please report to Finance 101. There you will be able to follow all the money you "maid" with a keen eye.

Larry Mullen Jr., please check the bulletin board for your room assignment. I believe you are going to Film Class, they are always trying to drum up some business.

The Edge, the Science Lab awaits. There you will be able to dissect the different layers of Bono's BS.

Bono, please report to anywhere in the school that you think is relevant.

(c) @U2/individual contributors above, 2012.

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