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@U2 Originals: November 2012

@U2, December 01, 2012
By: tassoula / @tassoula


Here at @U2, one of the things we're most proud of is the original content we provide, created exclusively by our staff. In case you missed any of it in November, the highlights are posted here:

Kelley Eskridge and Idaliisa Partanen revealed the answers to the October Question of the Month, which asked fans what they thought of the band's October album.

In our weekly Off the Record column, Matt McGee kicked off the month with a video-edition of OTR, while Ian Ryan discussed the latest fan club subscription gift. Marylinn Maione shared how she fills the non-U2-tour time and Sherry Lawrence closed out the month reminiscing about U2-related Thanksgivings past.

Our popular "Like a Song" series continued with an essay about the 'Baby' version of "Even Better Than The Real Thing" by Ian Ryan.

The "U2 Lists" piece for this month was authored by Carol Foster, who offered her Top 8 U2 Concert Posters.

We also featured a special guest article, 20 Years of Wire, the Original Online U2 Fan Community, by Natalie Baker.

To leave feedback on any of these @U2 originals, please visit our forum.

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