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U2 (minus Adam) Give Impromptu Performance at Cabo Restaurant

@U2, May 25, 2014
By: Matt McGee


Three-fourths of U2 gave a brief, impromptu concert Friday night for what must've been a crowd of shocked patrons in a small bar/restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

It happened at a place called La Osteria, a venue with its own musical equipment set up in the dining room. The events are described in some detail on La Osteria's Facebook page, and here's our recap of the translation:

When the three band members arrived at about 12:20 am (Saturday morning), Larry immediately went to the drum set and started playing solo. After a little while, The Edge picked up a guitar and started playing, too. When Bono heard what his bandmates were doing, he joined them and they performed "Desire" together. After that, the band took a lot of photos with the crowd and then went to their table while (if I'm reading the translation correctly) a local band took over.

There are several photos on the restaurant's Facebook page, and more have been tweeted by Vanessa, a friend of the restaurant's owner.

There should be some videos, too, but we're not seeing anything on YouTube just yet.

UPDATE: We're told that the photos above were taken by Pamela B. Also, here are two video clips from the performance.

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