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Poll Results: U2 Fans Divided on How Much Next Tour's Tickets Will Cost

@U2, October 04, 2013
By: Matt McGee


Is it a case of wishful thinking? In a recent poll on our home page asking fans to guess what U2's ticket prices will be the next time the band goes on tour, the top answer was the one where ticket prices would be the same as on the U2 360 tour a few years ago. But overall fans are divided on the question, as you'll see below.

We ran the poll from late May through June, and received nearly 3,000 votes. Almost 34 percent of those votes guessed that the top ticket will cost between $200 and $299 (USD), which is how much the most expensive tickets cost during the 360 tour. But if you combine the replies for the two higher cost options, almost 42 percent of fans think ticket prices will go up to a minimum of $300.

It's all guesswork at this point, and the ticket prices will probably have a lot to do with what kind of tour U2 does (stadiums or arenas, or both) and how many shows/cities they decide to visit. In any case, here are the full results from the poll question.


We've also added a new poll question on our home page, asking for your thoughts on Rattle And Hum -- the film and the album -- on its 25th anniversary.

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