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Irish Times: U2 Album Finished, Band Has OK'd Tour Schedule

@U2, August 09, 2014
By: Matt McGee


An article in Saturday's Irish Times includes a number of rumors about U2's upcoming album and an associated tour.

Citing a "music industry source," the Times says that U2's new album is finished and the band has approved a schedule for the album and a tour:

... a music industry source now predicts that there'll be a "single in September, album September-October, tour announced December, first date April next year.

"The album has been actually been finished for a few months, but a decision was taken not to release during the summer months because of holidays etc. There was one last, frantic scramble earlier this year to get a big single, so they got Adele's writer-producer, Paul Epworth, into the studio."

The band are understood to have signed off on the album and tour schedule, but they have had last-minute changes of mind before.

The article goes on to say that the upcoming release is expected to happen "with little of the fanfare usually associated with a new U2 album" and that the track listing and artwork for the new album are being finalized this week.

Here's the full article on the Irish Times website.

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