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"I like the anger of the blues -- I think being angry with God is at least a dialogue."

-- Bono

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Bono & Edge's Spider-Man Heading to Las Vegas, Cohl Says

@U2, March 27, 2013
By: Matt McGee


Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is headed to Las Vegas. That's the word from Michael Cohl, whom Bono and The Edge brought in a few years ago to help save the Broadway production when it was mired in financial and pre-production troubles. According to, Cohl spoke about S2BN (his company) and its plans for Spider-Man during an interview at Canadian Music Week today:

S2BN, a diversified international family show and event entertainment company, is also bringing "Spider-Man" to Las Vegas. Next, Cohl says, it will be an arena show. "We know what to do. We've got a redesign ready and I think it can be a much better show in an arena. It can be pretty crazy with all that space. It should've been an arena show from the beginning. The space in the theatre in this [stretched his arm modestly] and the space in an arena is this [widens his arms]."

Spider-Man is now in its third year and remains one of Broadway's most popular shows. According to, it was the fifth highest-grossing show for the week ending on March 24th, with more than $1.1 million in ticket sales.

Billboard reports that Cohl said Spider-Man will "definitely" last at least five years on Broadway and "we could be there for 15 [years]."

UPDATE: Reader Alan Macmillan tips us to another interview with Larry LeBlanc talking to Michael Cohl before the Canadian Music Week event. Cohl discusses Spider-Man and says the show will play in a theater in Las Vegas, and also a theater in Hamburg, Germany. No mention when all this will happen.

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