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Songs Of Innocence Information

On September 9, 2014, U2 appeared at an Apple Inc. press event to perform and announce the immediate (and free) availability of their new album.

Songs Of InnocenceALBUM NAME: Songs Of Innocence

PRODUCER(s): Danger Mouse is credited as "Album Producer" in the liner notes. Producing credit is also given to Paul Epworth, Ryan Tedder, Declan Gaffney and Flood.

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: The digital album was released on September 9, 2014. Physical versions were released October 10th, 13th and 14th around the world, except Japan (October 22).

FORMATS: digital; standard CD with booklet; deluxe double CD with additional songs; double white vinyl.


  1. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)
  2. Every Breaking Wave
  3. California (There Is No End To Love)
  4. Song For Someone
  5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
  6. Volcano
  7. Raised By Wolves
  8. Cedarwood Road
  9. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight
  10. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
  11. The Troubles
  1. Lucifer's Hands
  2. The Crystal Ballroom
  3. Every Breaking Wave (From Acoustic Sessions)
  4. California (There Is No End To Love) (From Acoustic Sessions)
  5. Raised By Wolves (From Acoustic Sessions)
  6. Cedarwood Road (From Acoustic Sessions)
  7. Song For Someone (From Acoustic Sessions)
  8. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) (Busker Version)
  9. The Troubles (Alternative Version)
  10. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)
Invisible appears as a hidden song (part of track 10) on CD 2 of the Deluxe edition.

Next U2 Album: Songs Of Experience

In addition to Songs Of Innocence, Bono has revealed on that a second album called Songs Of Experience "should be ready soon enough." He later clarified to say that it could be a year away or more, while admitting that he's not the most reliable source on this kind of info.

Irish DJ Dave Fanning, U2's longtime friend, has gone on record saying that U2 has two more albums in the works. If true, we speculate that the third album could use the Songs Of Ascent title -- that name has been in play since Bono mentioned it in March 2009.

The following is a running collection of news, rumors, quotes, and other information related to U2's next studio album (or albums, as the case may be). We'll continue to post updates to this page as we get new information. If you have found a quote or news item about the new U2 album, you're welcome to share it by emailing

ALBUM NAME(s): Songs Of Experience and possibly Songs Of Ascent.

PRODUCER(s): Presumably the same cast credited on Songs Of Innocence. However, since No Line On The Horizon was released, U2 has also worked with, David Guetta and RedOne. It's possible, too, that some older material that was slated for the original Songs Of Ascent project could survive with producers including Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Steve Lillywhite.


FORMATS: unknown

TRACKLIST: unknown


These are two types of songs listed below:

  1. songs mentioned in the buildup to U2's new album
  2. songs believed to be unused from previous albums

It's possible that some of these titles were changed and have already appeared under a different name. It's also possible that, as song titles changes, some of these may be referring to the same song.

  • "The Morning After Innocence" -- a song first mentioned by Bono in an interview with The Guardian; more recently, Bono shared some of the song's lyrics, which include the line "lead me in the way I should go" -- so this song could be the same as the song listed below with that title
  • "The Light" -- one of our contacts tells us that Bono mentioned a song with this title while visiting in early 2014 with Aslan singer Christy Dignam
  • "Ordinary Love" - a song that U2 wrote and recorded in summer 2013 for the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom film soundtrack. It could show up on U2's next album, too, particularly in countries that often get extra songs on albums.
  • "Mount Zion" - a song mentioned in the May 2011 Hot Press interview
  • "I'll Believe Her When She Sings" - another song mentioned in the May 2011 Hot Press interview and described as part of the "club music" sessions with RedOne
  • "The Sacred Heart of Malibu" - a song that Bono played for Dutch journalist Bert van de Kamp, and mentioned in his book, And They Called Him Bono; this song could possibly have become "California" on Songs Of Innocence
  • "Mother of Pearl" - another new song that Bono played for van de Kamp
  • "Return of the Stingray Guitar" - an instrumental rock track that U2 played to start shows on the European U2 360 tour in 2010; in an interview, Larry says the song has been rewritten from what it sounded like on tour; echoes of this song can be heard in "Lucifer's Hands," one of the bonus tracks on Songs Of Innocence
  • "Glastonbury" - another song that U2 performed on the European tour; U2 wrote this song shortly after the end of the 2009 U2 360 tour and planned to premiere it at the Glastonbury Festival in June 2010; in an interview, Larry says the song has been rewritten from what it sounded like on tour; echoes of this song can be heard in "Volcano" on Songs Of Innocence
  • "Soon" - this is the name of the song U2 used as the intro music when the band took the stage on the 2009 U2 360 Tour; it appeared on the 7-inch, orange vinyl that accompanied the U2 360 at the Rose Bowl super deluxe DVD box set, and was previously said to be called "Kingdom Of Your Love"
  • "Winter" (unused from No Line On The Horizon) - this song appears in the Jim Sheridan film, Brothers
  • "If I Could Live My Life Again" - Bono says this song is "inspired by the great Argentinian poet Jorge Luis Borges." Bono said he had just begun the song while speaking with author Michka Assayas in December, 2005. Their interview appears as the extra material in the paperback version of Bono in Conversation with Michka Assayas.
  • "Love Is All We Have Left" - a song Bono named during his May, 2006, trip to Africa as one that he had recently written. "It’s like an old Broadway tune. I thought it was a Frank Sinatra song," Bono said.
  • "North Star," a song from the How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb sessions which included a guest organ appearance from Michael W. Smith. In this CCM article (PDF download), Smith describes the song as a tribute to Johnny Cash. Bono and Edge performed an acoustic version of this song a few times during the European 360 tour in 2010. It also featured briefly in the Summer 2011 film, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Echoes of this song seem to appear in "Song For Someone" on Songs Of Innocence.
  • "Mercy", one of the last songs to get cut from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, described in Blender magazine as "a six-and-a-half-minute outpouring of U2 at its most uninhibitedly U2-ish." U2 played it regularly during the last couple weeks of the European tour in 2010, and a live version with different lyrics appeared on the vinyl release, U2 Wide Awake In Europe in late 2010.
  • "Lead Me In The Way I Should Go" -- a contender for Atomic Bomb first mentioned in this February, 2003, interview with Bono in Grammy Magazine; this song may now be called "The Morning After Innocence," which is mentioned above
  • "You Can't Give Away Your Heart" - a contender for Atomic Bomb first mentioned in SPIN magazine

LATEST NEWS (we've removed news items specific to Songs Of Innocence)

October 12, 2014: During an interview with The Guardian, Bono mentioned a new song slated for Songs Of Experience called "The Morning After Innocence." Here's what the interview says about the song's subject matter:

Regarding the powerful people he's dealt with, Bono says "the younger me wouldn't have liked any of them". I ask him if he misses certain aspects of that confused yet righteous youth and he replies by reciting the lyrics to The Morning After Innocence, a song from Songs of Experience, the work-in-progress sequel to Songs of Innocence.

"The older protagonist is asking the younger one for help," he explains. "The biggest problem that I face now is that I understand the dialectical nature of things. It can make you less clear about your response." He sounds wistful. "When I was younger, I knew what my position was on everything."

September 9, 2014: A few hours after Songs Of Innocence is announced and released, Bono writes a note for fans on that says a second album, Songs Of Experience, is on the way.

We're collaborating with Apple on some cool stuff over the next couple of years, innovations that will transform the way music is listened to and viewed. We'll keep you posted. If you like Songs of Innocence, stay with us for Songs of Experience. It should be ready soon enough… although I know I've said that before…

February 28, 2014: During a pre-Oscars interview, Bono tells his old friend, Amanda Brunker, that U2 is working on two albums.

January 24, 2014: At the WEF in Davos, Bono reveals that "Invisible" will be one of the songs on U2's next album.

October 17, 2013: U2 have written a new song, "Ordinary Love," for the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom film soundtrack. A clip of the song premiered today in a new trailer for the movie. It's not known if the song will also appear on U2's next album.

January 9, 2013: Larry Mullen Jr. told Dave Fanning that U2 will "hopefully" have its next album released by September, and it will be the album with Danger Mouse producing. He also suggested that U2 wants to release a second album "shortly afterwards," comparing it to when Zooropa was released less than a year after Achtung Baby.

July 11, 2012: An LA Times article mentions that a Los Angeles-based digital ad agency is working on a digital application for U2. It's not certain to be related to a new album, but that seems likely.

January 8, 2012: In an interview posted on, Bono explains that his recent busking session in Dublin, along with other recent acoustic performances with Edge, has him thinking about U2's upcoming plans -- which may include Songs Of Ascent, after all (despite Adam's comments to Q magazine; see below):

I  played a couple of songs acoustically but earlier in the year both Edge and I played at the memorial to Steve Jobs and also at the Hollywood Bowl for the Bill Clinton Foundation. It's quite something hearing our own songs, like "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or "A Man and Woman," so stripped down and I think it showed us some clues for the future.

We're working on three albums at the moment and we haven't decided what order we're going to put them out but The Songs of Ascent have the kind of beautiful intimacy that we're speaking of now. They fit into this moment, the mode of some of these artists that I was hanging out with on Christmas Eve.

October 26, 2011: In the latest issue of Q magazine, Adam suggests that U2 will probably not be pursuing the Songs Of Ascent project and songs.

We thought there was more material left over from No Line... we now feel a long way from that material.

The article suggests that U2 plans to work on the songs and material they've begun with Danger Mouse.

October 22, 2011: In an Irish Times interview, Bono hints that U2's next album may come in a new format:

Earlier, he was using an iPad with the Achtung Baby songs and videos on it. "That's probably what our new album will look like," he says. "I've been talking about this for the past four years.

"Our last album was the first album to be made available as an app with BlackBerry devices, but it didn't work: the functionality was not what it could have been. New formats are going to happen. I'm always banging on about this. The app format brings you back to that world of gatefold sleeves, of being able to read lyrics – and [now of] being able to play the album at home on your plasma TV."

June 9, 2011: David Guetta says he has not actually done any work with U2 yet. His name has been mentioned in relation to the "club-sounding" album that Bono has discussed previously.

January 22, 2011: MTV has an article about David Guetta working with U2 on new songs, but it doesn't seem to say much that hasn't already been reported.

December 7, 2010: Black Eyed Peas' frontman has confirmed that he's producing a new U2 album; we believe this to be the dance/club-sounding album that Bono has mentioned before.

March 3, 2009: The March 17 issue of Rolling Stone quotes Bono saying the next album will be called Songs Of Ascent, and that it will be released in 2010.

"Songs Of Ascent will be quieter than No Line in many ways, it's that ghost album of hymns and Sufi singing. We're making a kind of heartbreaker, a meditative, reflexive piece of work, but not indulgent."

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