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"There should be no worship of the instruments. I mean Edge only takes his guitar out on formal occasions. He hardly sleeps with it, or polishes it."

-- Bono

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U2 Events: U2 On the Conspiracy of Hope Tour for Amnesty International

U2 and the Conspiracy of Hope Tour
June 1986

Conspiracy of Hope tour logoSix concerts in 12 days, crossing the U.S. from San Francisco to New York. The Conspiracy of Hope tour was a celebration of Amnesty International's 25th anniversary, but it was so much more: It was Amnesty's biggest and boldest attempt to enter the American consciousness.

It worked.

The tour nearly tripled Amnesty USA's membership in a matter of weeks, and it raised $3 million for the organization's coffers -- an amount equal to their entire yearly budget.

For U2, the tour was more than a chance to support an organization important to the band; it was also their chance to cement the band's post-Live Aid status as a major stadium act, and set the stage for The Joshua Tree less than a year later.


From Jack Healey's collection

Other photos (from the Conspiracy of Hope souvenir tour book)


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