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"Flood is a fan of my guitar playing; he thinks I'm the only punk in the band, because I don't want to know everything about the instrument that I'm playing."

-- Bono

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Kelley Eskridge

I'm a writer. My work includes the New York Times Notable novel Solitaire; Dangerous Space, a collection of stories about hope, love and music; a variety of essays; and a screenplay currently in development. I tell stories for love and money, and U2 has been excellent company on my road. For nearly 30 years I've loved this music -- the hold-me-up-honey tango of bass and drums, the guitar that takes me farther out and deeper in, the voice that is passion and party and prayer. Heart-swelling hip-swinging smart soul music that makes me bigger, wilder, wiser. The feeling under my ribs when Bono wails out the introduction to "Streets"? When I downshift on a mountain road right in time with "Wire," and I want to laugh out loud because I think I might live forever? When I fall down the rabbit hole of writing and the music comes with me? That's joy.

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December 31 2014

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January 2 2015

Hollywood U2 Tribute Band Performance

Tonight in Santa Barbara

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