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"John Lennon really did kind of write the rule book. As a tunesmith, as an irritant, as a willing taker of pratfalls. He was in the queue for the mud pies -- all of that stuff that I do, I got from his little red book."

-- Bono

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John Tuohy

"I didn't become a U2 fan because of Live-Aid. I became a Live-Aid fan because of U2."

I can say that because it's true.

After March 8 of 1985, I had a new all-time favorite band named U2. And later in July of that same year when the world was watching, I was blown away by them on stage at Wembley, even though Bono decided to make some sort of disappearing act half way through their set. Nowadays, most of us just refer to it as "the leap." Maybe a hundred thousand or so people at Wembley didn't get what Bono was doing on that infamous day, but the millions or so of us at home surely did.

Blown away? Yes. Surprised? Not even close.

It's because I'd already seen U2 transform an entire arena in one night. Now, four short months later, Bono leaps off of the stage at Wembley into a pit of mud, probably not realizing that it would launch U2 off of the arena stage and onto the world's stage.

I was hooked.

So fast forward some years later, through the ups and downs and sideways, and after I had heard all of the clich�s; Best band in the world, best band you'll ever see live, soundtrack to my life, and yadda yadda yadda. After all of that I realized it really is about the music, and the music alone. Losing my eyesight somewhere between the Zoo TV Outside Broadcast and Pop Mart helped me to see that. Actually, Zoo TV was a great one to go out on!

When I met my wife in 2001, I was politely correcting her about her own CD collection. I was telling her, "just because your dad bought you all of these U2 "live import" CD's from Germany, doesn't mean that they're "official releases." And by the way, can I borrow them for about a week?"

So instead of returning them, I married her. There's other great reasons why I married her of course, but this one was a pretty good one to start with.

So now I'm a blind stay-at-home Dad with a 3 year old son, who loves his U2 as well!

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January 28 2017

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February 4 2017

ZOOROPA u2 TRibute

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