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"I like to see Bono working under pressure, 'cause he's a great improviser."

-- Adam, on Bono

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Kelly Eddington

Kelly Eddington is a former high school art teacher who now works as a full-time watercolor artist. Kelly first became a U2 fan in 1982 and came on board as @U2's cartoonist 20 years later. Since then, Kelly has painted Bono at least 95 times (extremely conservative estimate) and has memorized all of the band's faces down to near-molecular levels. For the record, Edge is the easiest band member to paint, and Bono is by far the most difficult. Kelly finds painting all of their ears, hands, and guitars to be highly tiresome, but she is willing to dig deep and continue to paint them year after year in order to bring you, the reader, the very best U2 watercolor comedy available for free on the Internet.

Painting U2 repeatedly over the years has helped Kelly improve as an artist. She's faster and more accurate than she once was, and she has developed an array of watercolor painting techniques that she uses when painting her serious (i.e. "for money") portraits of everyday people, the majority of whom do not wear sunglasses or knit caps. Kelly also paints watercolor florals, landscapes, and still-life. Her work was recently featured in American Art Collector by Alcove Books and has been exhibited in art competitions throughout the United States. She is a member of the Illinois Watercolor Society. Randomly and awesomely, legendary film critic Roger Ebert is a fan of Kelly's work, which he has been quietly promoting in his blog and on Twitter.

Kelly lives in east-central Illinois with her husband Jeff and their three cats, including longtime Achtoon Baby contributor Bunny Eddington.

Please visit Kelly Eddington's fine art website to read her painting blog and view, purchase, and commission her original watercolor paintings.

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March 4 2017

Unforgettable Fire Tribute Band Performance

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March 12 2017

05:00 PM - 02:00 AM - Celebration of U2's Joshua Tree with Daniel Lanois

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