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"I'm not sure you ever get to be an ex-rock star. You can get to be a fading star."

-- Bono

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Jessica Guadiana

One snowy winter's day in January, 1997, MTV ran the most incredible 24 hours of music television ever when they played nearly every U2 video ever made (up to that point) in chronological order throughout the day and night. Coincidentally, that may also have been the last day they played that many consecutive videos in one day.

Fortunately, my brother had the good sense to record the marathon and from that day on we were hooked. It's truly a miracle that particular VHS survives to this day despite the constant playing, rewinding, fast forwarding and pausing it endured. Thankfully DVDs and official YouTube videos ensure I can watch and re-watch any video over and over again without fail!

The music, the message, and the story of U2 has been such an influential part of my life. They introduced me to music and what it could be. With short stories disguised in song, their music opened my eyes to themes, conflicts, questions and big ideas from around the world. For me, as a young teenager, this was a grand introduction to rock and roll and politics.

Also, thanks to them, I now have a job I love doing. At 13/14 years old, I built a fan site for U2 and through the process gained a love for graphic and web design. I now get to do that for a living every day while still listening to their music!

Really though, I live for seeing U2 live. My first show was in Chicago, Sunday May 13, 2001, which was Mother's Day in the USA. I'd like to take this time to thank my Mom publicly for being so cool about letting us cut the Mother's Day festivities short and drive two hours to the show. Thanks Mom!

In 2005, I was there for the recording of Vertigo 2005 - Live from Chicago, front and center just outside of the circle. Being at a U2 show that was being recorded was truly a goal of mine and I was so lucky to be there. I swear you can see me from far away during Yahweh!

The best show I have seen has yet to be determined. Each show is unique in its own way and I like to think they can only get better! If I had to choose one show though? Maybe Milwaukee, 9/25/05. There was a surprising intimacy to that venue and the crowd was just incredible. Come to think of it, Chicago 10/15/01 had an emotional atmosphere of its own that will never be repeated. Although, Boston 9/20/09 was just plain awesome! Picking one just can not be done!

To wrap up, I love U2 and am so glad to be apart of @U2 and the amazing work that's done here. I hope to connect with other fans, so drop me an email or find me on Twitter (@thecravecase). I'm also a big fan of Depeche Mode, if there are any other U2/Devotees out there!

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