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"What a city! What a night! What a crowd! What a bomb! What a mistake! What a wanker you have for President!"

-- Bono, in Paris, on Jacques Chirac, 1995

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Jeff Muir

I am 51 years old and have always loved my music. I first came across U2 back in 1982: I saw them on the Old Grey Whistle Test. The OGWT was a cutting edge music TV programme on the BBC back in the day. I have been a fan ever since. U2 were the only band to appear on Top of the Pops one week, and then their chart rating dropped the next.

I was lucky enough to be at Live Aid, I have to say it was a real pleasant surprise to see all the U2 banners in the crowd. U2 and Queen were brilliant, real show stoppers. I had to sleep on the station platform at Gatwick, as I had missed the last train home.

Nurburgring '85 is still my best gig. The Alarm & U2 were my favourite bands at the time. We missed the Alarm as the coach was late arriving at the venue. Moscow 2010 runs a very close second.

I have to be honest and say that, for me, the "Zoo & Pop" era did nothing for me -- a real turn off. My aim is to try and get a complete listing of U2 gigs from '76 to '80, there is so much mystery about this time. It will take a life time to uncover all the details.

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March 31 2015

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April 5 2015

Zooropa Ireland U2 Tribute Band Performance

Tonight in Dublin

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