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"We always encourage people interested in covering our songs, as long as they're not completely crap."

-- Edge

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About @U2

@U2 was created on October 23, 1995 and went through several names and designs in its infancy until the current name was chosen in mid- to late-1996. The site moved to its own domain,, in early September, 1998.

@U2 is NOT the band's official web site. Please do not email us trying to contact a band member, or trying to obtain press and/or fan club material. This site is not produced by, nor affiliated with, any or all members of U2 and/or its management. This site is produced by U2 fans for U2 fans.

@U2 would like to thank the many people who have made a contribution along the way, and have helped this site become what it is today. The list of names is too long to mention here; we hope these people know who they are. We'd especially like to thank the great variety of writers, reporters, and news organizations around the globe who have allowed us to collect their articles and material on this site for the educational and archival benefit of U2's audience. When you are done visiting our web site, please visit the web sites of these news organizations and support their advertisers when appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions about @U2

Where do you get all the news articles?

The articles from recent years typically come from the web sites of the respective news source, such as the Irish Times, NME, Rolling Stone, etc.

We have a policy of not posting every article that comes down the pike with a mention of U2. As often as possible, we will post only the best 2-3 articles if there are multiple reports on a given topic. Our goal is quality, not quantity. News is updated here on a daily basis, and we have a mailing list where you can find even more stories -- many which are not posted on @U2.

You didn't list directions to Bono's house in your Guide to U2's Dublin. Can you tell me where he lives?


I'd like to contribute to @U2. Are you accepting new staff members? How can I help?

We have a wonderful and stable group of staffers, and we don't regularly add new people to the staff. When we do, however, we make a big deal out of it - you'll see "Help Wanted" signs on our home page and detailed instructions on how to apply for work fun here.

In the meantime, if you enjoy @U2 and wish to help out or contribute in some way, we would gladly accept your patronage via PayPal.

All PayPal contributions are used specifically for offsetting the costs involved in bringing you the U2-related news coverage we do on this web site. Contributions are used to help our staffers pay expenses when they travel to report from events such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony or Bono's awards and appearances; or to pay the costs of long-distance calls when we interview people like Willie Williams, Ned O'Hanlon, and others.

Thank you for your patronage and support of @U2.

@U2 Has Appeared In/On...

  • Planet Rock radio (UK)
  • ABC News Radio
  • the Wall Street Journal newspaper
  • the New York Times newspaper
  •, in a story about our Spider-Man preview coverage
  •, also in a Spider-Man preview story
  • WUNC radio, October 2, 2009
  • RTE Radio's Morning Ireland show, July 24, 2009
  • PARADE magazine
  • U2 - A Diary, a book published in November 2008
  • Entertainment Weekly magazine
  • Rolling Stone magazine
  • Beat 102-103 FM, Ireland
  • KLOS-FM, Los Angeles
  • The Star (Ireland)
  • The Sunday People
  • the Los Angeles Times newspaper
  • the Minneapolis Star-Tribune newspaper
  • New York's NY1 news station
  • E! Online, crediting us for a quote from Bill Flanagan about the new album
  • dozens of international news outlets, summer 2004, when we uncovered possible names for the new U2 album
  • WBWC's U2 radio marathon, multiple times since 2002
  • the Tri-City Herald newspaper, June 6, 2003
  • TechTV's Audiofile program in June, 2001, which focused on U2's Elevation Tour and also featured U2 web sites in its TV program and online version of the show
  • the Toronto Star newspaper, May 24, 2001 when they used one of our photos with an article about the Elevation tour
  • the Chicago Daily Herald, May 11, 2001 in an article about the Elevation Tour
  • USA Today, February 1, 2001 in an article about the Elevation Tour
  •, January and February, 2001
  • MTV India, October, 2000
  •, where we supplied the U2 biography they used for many years
  • Australia's Triple M FM radio station, October 1, 2000
  • the Dutch magazine Panorama, May 10, 2000 issue
  • a French book titled Rock from A to Z, in the chapter devoted to U2
  • MCM's documentary "L'Integrale U2", March 23, 2000 (MCM is the French equivalent of MTV)
  • the book A Grand Madness: Ten Years on the Road With U2
  • Ireland's Hot Press magazine (August 20, 1997 and September 3, 1997 issues)
  • Rolling Stone magazine German edition, February 1997
  • Australia's Triple J radio "J-Files" program (March 20 and April 27, 1997, and February 19, 1998)


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