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Confirmed: That Was a U2 Video Shoot in Dublin Last Weekend

Posted: August 30, 2014
By: Matt McGee

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

Dublin officials have finally come clean about the video shoot last weekend that shut down the Samuel Beckett Bridge: It was a U2 production.

The Sunday Times has this confirmation from the Dublin City Council about what was going on:

Dublin city council has confirmed that the Samuel Beckett bridge was closed to the public last weekend for a U2 video shoot.

A senior official at the council said the bridge was inaccessible for almost all of last Sunday to enable filming on a “U2 project” but members of the rock group were not present.

You may recall the confusion that played out as some security personnel revealed that the video shoot was for U2, while others said it wasn't. Clapper boards on site listed the project name as "Summer Nights," and Mark Romanek's name was listed as director. He's worked with U2 in the past, most recently on the "Invisible" video earlier this year.


The Edge In Documentary About Glen Campbell

Posted: August 28, 2014
By: Fernanda Bottini

The Edge, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and many other stars are in a documentary about Glen Campbell's farewell tour called I'll Be Me.

The pop-country legend was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's disease in 2011. The film shows live performances from his Goodbye Tour along with moments from his career and battle against the disease.

The Edge shares his admiration for the singer, who continued to perform despite his health problems: "The audience being there somehow triggers his ability to access that other part of his brain, which is incredible." 

I'll Be Me, directed by James Keach, won the Grand Jury Prize at the Nashville Festival and will be in theaters on Oct. 24.

The trailer includes footage from The Edge. More information here.


Is U2 Shooting a Video in Dublin? (PHOTOS)

Posted: August 24, 2014
By: Matt McGee

There are conflicting reports circulating today about a video shoot that's happening in Dublin, with some saying it's a U2 production and others claiming it's not.

Let's start with the Irish Independent, which reported today that the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin would be closed all day "with U2 understood to be filming a new single."

There are several eyewitness accounts that back up the Independent, including these tweets from people in Dublin -- starting with Conor Pope of the Irish Times:

Several accounts are saying that there's heavy security in the area, and everything is being kept very secretive. All day Sunday, a Dublin city web page showing dozens of city webcams was operating, but the webcam nearest the Beckett Bridge was removed from the page.

Some security have told passers-by that it's a U2 shoot, while other security officers are saying it's a Guinness Beer TV commercial shoot. (As I posted on Twitter and in our forum, it seems odd to think this much secrecy and security would surround a TV commercial shoot.) Further confusing matters is that there was another video shoot on Saturday in a different Dublin location that may or not have been related to today's events.

Our friend G. in Dublin was one of many trying to find out what's going on today. He shared 10 photos with us, a few of which are below:

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

We know that U2 just finished a video shoot at a studio in France, so it's logical that more video work could be shot outdoors in Dublin this weekend. But really, it's anyone's guess what was going on Sunday at the bridge.

UPDATE: Monday's Irish Times reports on the bridge activities and says that neither Dublin police nor City Council would confirm what was going on.


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