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"The Fly is Blues and Gospel, Heaven and Hell. The Fly can see both sides but he isn't quite sure which one he's on."

-- Bono

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A collection of the latest U2 news and announcements posted by our staff.

U2 Set List: Toronto, July 6, 2015

Posted: July 06, 2015
By: Matt McGee

I'm almost tempted to start by saying "U2 played Acrobat tonight," but that would be incorrect by one word -- but not "Acrobat." U2 actually played with Acrobat tonight, but they didn't play the song "Acrobat." What happened was a totally spur-of-the-moment thing, not even on the setlist, with Bono inviting all four members of the Toronto-based tribute band known as Acrobat to come on the E-stage and play a song using U2's instruments. Larry and Adam watched from the floor. Edge played and sung. Bono sang with the tribute Bono, then left to get a harmonica and rejoined Acrobat on stage ... and it all added up to a magical moment at the first of two U2 shows in Toronto. The show ran 25 songs long, tying it with Phoenix #1 for most songs in a single show this tour. (Note: Both shows hit that mark thanks to an unplanned, fan-on-stage-playing-with-the-band moment.)

We have a longer recap and the full Toronto #1 setlist online. If you were at the show, be sure to click that link and use the Post Review/Photos link to share your version of events with all of our readers.

And meanwhile, here's video of that magical moment I described above.


U2's 'Song For Someone' Short Film Premieres Thursday on SundanceTV

Posted: July 06, 2015
By: Matt McGee

Song For Someone, a short film built around U2's song of the same name, will premiere this Thursday on the SundanceTV cable channel. According to the SundanceTV announcement, it'll be on immediately after the season premiere of a show called Rectify, which airs at 10 pm ET.

As I recall, Showbiz 411 was first to report that Woody Harrellson was involved in some kind of prison-themed video for "Song For Someone" back in April.

Here's how SundanceTV describes the film:

Directed by Vincent Haycock, cinematography by Steve Annis and produced by Pete Vitale & Park Pictures, Song for Someone features Woody Harrelson as a man being released from prison after years of incarceration and features his daughter Zoe Harrelson. The piece thematically links to RECTIFY, SundanceTV's Peabody award-winning series that follows the story of Daniel Holden and his family as they struggle to move forward after Daniel's release from 19 years on death row.

No word on how long it runs, but SundanceTV did release this 15-second trailer. (UPDATE: According to my DirecTV guide, the film runs nine minutes.)


U2 Set List: Chicago, July 2, 2015

Posted: July 03, 2015
By: Matt McGee

U2 wrapped its five-show visit to Chicago on Thursday night, the eve of what would become a Grateful Dead takeover of the Windy City. A nightmarish travel day Friday kept us from posting sooner, so by now I'm figuring you have a good idea of how the show went. If not, you can check out the full Chicago 5 setlist and recap on our Tours site. We've also posted a trio of videos from the show on our YouTube channel -- recommend you subscribe to our channel to get automatic updates as future videos are posted.


Bono & Edge discuss 'Cedarwood Road' on Song Exploder podcast

Posted: June 30, 2015
By: Matt McGee

This is really great. While in Los Angeles about a month ago, Bono and The Edge spoke with Hrishikesh Hirway, creator and host of the Song Exploder podcast. Each week, Hirway talks to musicians and has them break down one of their own songs. Bono and Edge spent about 10 minutes discussing the musical and lyrical development of "Cedarwood Road," and it's a terrific listen. (Note: If you enjoyed hearing Edge discuss U2 songs in the It Might Get Loud documentary, you'll love this, too.)


Let's Party: @U2's 20th Anniversary Party Set for July 29

Posted: April 10, 2015
By: Matt McGee

Announcing our 20th anniversary party

You are formally invited to party with the @U2 crew in New York City, because we're turning 20 years old this year!

@U2 launched on October 23, 1995, and we're going to celebrate this summer while U2 is touring here in our home country. Our 20th anniversary bash is set for July 29, 2015, the night before U2 plays the last two North American shows of the Innocence + Experience tour. And we'll be celebrating in one of the coolest venues in the city: We've rented out The Cutting Room, located just a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden! (Seriously, go check out the photos if you've never been there before.)

Our special guests for the evening will be the fantastic U2 tribute band, Unforgettable Fire, whom I first saw when they blew everyone away at the U2 Conference in 2013. And how's this for a perfect match: Unforgettable Fire is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year!

Sound fun? It will be. Here are all the details for our 20th anniversary party:

When: Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Time: Doors open at 7:00 pm (Unforgettable Fire takes the stage at 8:00 pm.)
Where: The Cutting Room, 44 East 32nd Street, New York, NY
Cost: $20/person
Food/Drink: Available for purchase off the menu (@U2 will provide light hors d'oeuvres and an anniversary cake)

We have a few surprises and giveaways in the works before and after Unforgettable Fire's set, so do plan on showing up at 7:00 pm to make sure you don't miss out.

Tickets are available now and can be bought online here: Get your 20th Anniversary Party tickets today!

On behalf of the @U2 crew, we can't wait to see you and celebrate with you in New York City on July 29!


Looking to Buy/Sell/Trade U2 Concert Tickets? Try Our Forum

Posted: January 15, 2015
By: Matt McGee

U2-IE Logo 2015 RGB5

We've had a few questions come in about legitimate places to buy, sell or trade U2 concert tickets with other fans, so consider this a Public Service Announcement aimed at answering a question that may be on a lot of fans' minds.

Officially, there are still some tickets for certain shows available via official ticket outlets (i.e., Ticketmaster in North America). The tour page on appears to be pretty up-to-date about which shows still have tickets available.

Beyond that, we also have a dedicated board in our forum for fans to buy, sell and trade tickets directly with other fans and only at face value. All of the existing shows are listed individually, so just find the show(s) you're interested in and add your post or see what others have already posted. Selling or trading GA tickets may be difficult due to the paperless ticket requirements, so keep that in mind as you offer those tickets or search for them.

And be sure, if you do use this section of our forum, to read the post at the top of the board -- "Rules for Ticket Buying/Selling/Trading." We don't hesitate to boot people that try to make a profit from selling tickets in our forum.


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