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A collection of the latest U2 news and announcements posted by our staff.

U2 SiriusXM Town Hall Airs Aug. 7

Posted: August 03, 2015
By: Sherry Lawrence

U2 stopped by the SiriusXM studios to join moderator Jenny Eliscu and a small group of fans on July 29 for a Town Hall Q&A in New York City. The interview is slated to air on Friday, Aug. 7 at 6 pm EDT on The Spectrum, channel 28. It is the first time U2 has participated in the satellite radio provider's Town Hall interviews. Fan @forte3 shared a group photo on Instagram after the interview concluded last week. 

Writer Caitlin Carter wrote on SiriusXM's blog:

Asked about the connections Songs of Innocence and the upcoming Songs of Experience, Bono explained the philosophies behind the two albums for which the tour was named, summing them up with two lines.

“The philosophy of the first album is probably best contained in a line from our second album October in a song called Rejoice. And the line is, ‘I can’t change the world, but I can change the world in me.’ That was the position that I think we felt when we were in our younger times,” he explained. “For Songs of Experience, it’s a different line — it’s in [the song] Lucifer’s Hands, which is an outtake that really has both innocence and experience in it – and it has the line, ‘I can change the world, but I can’t change the world in me.’

Bono continued: “So the thing is, when we were younger, we were fighting very much with the physical world and trying to make it a better place, trying to fight when we would see injustice wherever it raised its head. Whereas in the ‘90s we made a kind of a change, and we started fighting perhaps more interesting enemies, the ones that you find in your own life, in your own heart — the hypocrisy of the human heart is great material — and just finding those kinds of enemies, you know, it’s the world in you rather than the exterior world.”

Fans who are not current subscribers to SiriusXM can still listen to the interview on their inactive radios on Sirius preview station 184 and XM preview station 1. The interview can also be streamed on SiriusXM's OnDemand app for subscribers.


@U2 Originals: July 2015

Posted: August 02, 2015
By: Tassoula E. Kokkoris

Here at @U2, one of the things we're most proud of is the original content we provide, created exclusively by our staff. In case you missed any of it in July, the highlights are posted here:

In our weekly Off the Record column, Matt McGee recalled the magic of the 5th Chicago U2 show, while Sherry Lawrence described her experience using the VIP Ride program for a Boston show. The following week, Jill Marino shared her personal health journey and how watching a U2 performance helped start her healing process. Closing out July, Tassoula E. Kokkoris reflected on fan community behavior throughout the Innocence + Experience tour.

The next "U2 Lists" entry in our series was done by Gary Boas, as he shared "8 Songs Inspired by Africa."

To coincide with the final shows of this tour leg, Tassoula E. Kokkoris also wrote an in-depth article, "William Blake and the Inspiration Behind U2's Songs of Innocence," capturing observations and similarities between the original poetry and the songs.

To leave feedback on any of these @U2 originals, please visit our forum.


U2 Set List: New York City, July 31, 2015

Posted: August 01, 2015
By: Matt McGee

78 days and 36 shows later, the first leg of the Innocence + Experience tour is over.

It came to an end Friday night with U2's eighth show at Madison Square Garden in New York City -- a show attended by no less than former President Bill Clinton and his wife, current presidential candidate Hillary. U2 celebrated the occasion by playing "Party Girl" for the first time in about six years, and capped off the night with a guest appearance from Bruce Springsteen that extended over two songs.

Check out the full New York #8 setlist on our Tours site and, since we were too busy to post about show #7, you can see that setlist, too.

We'll have a full set of photos and videos to share in the coming days. Meanwhile, here's our video of that special duet with Springsteen:


HBO To Broadcast U2 Tour Documentary And Concert In November

Posted: July 30, 2015
By: Sherry Lawrence

U2-IE Logo 2015 RGB5

HBO announced today it will broadcast two U2 Innocence + Experience tour specials in November. A documentary, directed by Davis Guggenheim, will chronicle the creation of the current tour with interviews from the band and the creative team, including Es Devlin, Willie Williams, Gavin Friday and others. It will also feature Bono's bicycle accident and his road to recovery. The documentary is set to air Nov. 7.

The second special will be a broacast of one of the final shows on tour's second leg from Bercy Arena in Paris on Nov. 14. This will be directed by long-time U2 collaborator Hamish Hamilton.


Edge & Adam: Best. Party Crashers. Ever.

Posted: July 30, 2015
By: Matt McGee

This happened Wednesday night at our 20th anniversary party in New York City:


That's Adam and The Edge performing on the Cutting Room stage with Unforgettable Fire, the tribute band who was our special guest for the evening. It was a complete surprise to all of us with @U2, a complete surprise to Unforgettable Fire and a complete surprise to the Cutting Room, too.

And it was the best surprise ever in the history of surprises. (Sorry for the lack of unbiased journalism there.)

They played "Where The Streets Have No Name" and then "Out Of Control." I don't remember much of the second song because I was pretty much numb from head to toe by then, totally blown away that half the band would show up at a party for a U2 fansite. What an honor for all of us -- the @U2 crew, plus all of you that read our website, follow us online, etc.

We all picked the right band.

There's so much to be said, and so many thank yous to be shared, and I'll try to cover that in my OTR column this weekend. Until then, enjoy this video of the entire surprise -- from the time Dallas Schoo comes on stage as if he's the special guest, to the end of Edge/Adam's two songs.


Bono and Edge join Yoko Ono to honor John Lennon

Posted: July 29, 2015
By: Fernanda Bottini

Bono and Edge unveiled a tapestry in honor of John Lennon Wednesday at a ceremony on Ellis Island, in the presence of Yoko Ono and Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty.

The tapestry was commissioned by Art for Amnesty founder Bill Shipsey to thank Yoko for giving Amnesty International the rights to record cover versions of John Lennon’s post-Beatles songs in 2004. Bono, Edge and Jimmy Iovine have donated the tapestry to The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation for display at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

"We’re humbled to stand in the presence of Lady Liberty and of course I’m referring to Yoko," said Bono. "When I think of New Yorkers (and I consider myself one), I think of this spot… Because I’d like to live in the land of the free… this is the place I want to be," he quoted John Lennon.

Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5, photo 6 (Credit: Art For Amnesty). More photos: Zimbio


U2 Set List: New York City, July 27, 2015

Posted: July 27, 2015
By: Matt McGee

U2 crew member Jake Berry promised fans a treat during New York #6 -- i.e., Monday night's show -- and that came in the form of U2 playing a rarity that hadn't been performed since the Lovetown tour in December 1989, and hasn't been a regular part of U2's live set list since the Unforgettable Fire tour. Another track from Songs Of Innocence reappeared Monday for the first time in over a month. But there were some struggles, as well, especially at the end of the show.

For more on that, get the setlist and full recap from New York #6 on @U2 Tours. And enjoy the video of that concert rarity below.

Next up: New York #7, the penultimate show of the I+E tour's opening leg, on Thursday night.


Looking to Buy/Sell/Trade U2 Concert Tickets? Try Our Forum

Posted: January 15, 2015
By: Matt McGee

U2-IE Logo 2015 RGB5

We've had a few questions come in about legitimate places to buy, sell or trade U2 concert tickets with other fans, so consider this a Public Service Announcement aimed at answering a question that may be on a lot of fans' minds.

Officially, there are still some tickets for certain shows available via official ticket outlets (i.e., Ticketmaster in North America). The tour page on appears to be pretty up-to-date about which shows still have tickets available.

Beyond that, we also have a dedicated board in our forum for fans to buy, sell and trade tickets directly with other fans and only at face value. All of the existing shows are listed individually, so just find the show(s) you're interested in and add your post or see what others have already posted. Selling or trading GA tickets may be difficult due to the paperless ticket requirements, so keep that in mind as you offer those tickets or search for them.

And be sure, if you do use this section of our forum, to read the post at the top of the board -- "Rules for Ticket Buying/Selling/Trading." We don't hesitate to boot people that try to make a profit from selling tickets in our forum.


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