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"For a lot of bands it seems to be all important to get their single into the Top Ten. I guess we've always felt ourselves to be more of an albums band anyway."

-- Edge

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Adam Clayton on Next Tour: 'We want to have two different shows'

Posted: September 30, 2014
By: Matt McGee

By most accounts, U2 is planning to tour again in 2015. If Adam Clayton's recent words come true, it could be an interesting and unique trek for the band and fans. We finally got our hands on the latest issue of Q magazine, which features U2 on the cover and includes interviews done with Bono, The Edge and Adam in the days right after the launch of Songs Of Innocence.

The Q article says U2's tour is due to start in May 2015, and includes this quote from Adam about there possibly being two versions of the show:

"We're booking the tour in pairs of shows. We want to have two different shows. That's the plan at this point, but it could all change."

Two different shows? That could be any number of things. We've heard rumors of the band wanting to do a show filled with hits and well-known songs in larger venues for a mass audience, and then smaller shows with less popular and less known songs for longtime fans. Alternatively, they could do a "hits" show and a separate show focusing more on newer material. Or it could be two entirely different ideas. Sounds interesting, in any case.

In the article, Clayton also estimates that the new album, Songs Of Experience, is about 70 percent complete, but he didn't make any guesses on when the other 30 percent would be finished.


U2 Releases Songs Of Innocence on Vinyl To Make It Eligible for Grammy Awards

Posted: September 29, 2014
By: Matt McGee

U2's new album, Songs Of Innocence, will be eligible for next year's Grammy Awards, after all.

Although the physical album has a listed release date of October 14 (in North America), Universal Music quietly sent out a limited number of vinyl pressings of the album over the past couple days to independent record stores across the U.S.

One fan posted on Interference that he discovered it over the weekend at Amoeba Records, a shop with three California locations. (Note: It's no longer in stock there.) Looney Tunes, an independent shop on New York's Long Island, says they received some copies of this release (but they're only selling it to in-store customers), and posted several photos, two of which we'll include here:



As you can see, this is different from the official release, which will be white vinyl.

Neither U2 nor Universal Music have made any announcements about the release, but sources told us Monday night that the plan all along was to make sure the album was sold in stores before the Grammy eligibility deadline. The original release of Songs Of Innocence on September 9th wasn't eligible because it was distributed for free. Grammy rules require that albums be sold commercially no later than September 30th:

For the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards, albums must be released between Oct. 1, 2013 and Sept. 30, 2014. Recordings must be commercially released in general distribution in the United States, i.e. sales by label to a branch or recognized independent distributor, via the Internet, or mail order/retail sales for a nationally marketed product. Recordings must be available for sale from any date within the eligibility period through at least the date of the current year's voting deadline (final ballot).

Our sources were unable to confirm the New York store's claim that only 300 copies of this release were distributed, nor do we know how many stores received copies. If you're looking for a copy, check with your favorite local independent record store ... and hurry.

UPDATE: Rolling Stone got a quote from the Grammy Awards people confirming that Songs Of Innocence will be eligible next year: "As long as the album, be it CD, vinyl or digital, is available commercially for sale to the public by our eligibility cutoff date at a nationally recognized retailer or website, then it's eligible for consideration."


U2's Next Tour A 'Stripped Back Affair'

Posted: September 29, 2014
By: Sherry Lawrence

Live Nation Chairman Art Fogel told The Independent that U2's next tour may be doing a 180 from U2 360. The Independent reports:

Fogel hints that the accompanying U2 tour will be a stripped-back affair. “Without giving away any trade secrets, when you get to that level of production and scale [of the 360° tour], it’s not such a bad thing to go back the other way. I’m not sure you can ever go beyond that 360° production and make any sense of it.” U2 will ultimately thrive, he says, because “they are one of the few acts who have mastered the ability to shrink a stadium and to create intimacy in a large space with a lot of people.”

This further corroborates previous comments from Bono and Edge regarding the band's upcoming tour plans.


Bono Named Adweek's 2014 Brand Visionary

Posted: September 29, 2014
By: Sherry Lawrence

Adweek named Bono as its Brand Visionary for 2014, calling him a "superbrand who's improving the world," citing his involvement with (RED) as well as his ability to influence politics, business and culture. 


Bono: U2 arena tour in 2015

Posted: September 28, 2014
By: Fernanda Bottini

Bono confirmed that U2 are planning an arena tour next year. Talking to Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell, he said:

"We're gonna be touring. We're gonna start next year. We're gonna try and play the O2 and places like that, more indoors than outdoors this time, but we'll see where it takes us. It's exciting. We'll be coming your way and these songs are the songs that, I think ... I think they will play themselves."

The Irish Examiner reported that Bono said the band needs to be proud of U2's new material to tour:

"Only if the songs are great can you bear leaving home. We all have families and mates and ... so you know, you're looking for 11 great reasons to leave home and I think we've got them. You know what it's like now, it's like a whole city goes on the road with us. Our kids go out on the road, they get excited about it. It's like ... yeah, it's kind of a whole ... Dublin goes on the road."


Here's the Full Tracklist & Formats for U2's Songs Of Innocence

Posted: September 26, 2014
By: Matt McGee

After posting the Songs Of Innocence cover image yesterday, updated its story with extra details about the three formats that will be released next month. There's additional information available from looking around at various online stores, so let's post what we know:

Songs Of Innocence standard CD

1. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)
2. Every Breaking Wave
3. California (There Is No End To Love)
4. Song For Someone
5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
6. Volcano
7. Raised By Wolves
8. Cedarwood Road
9. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight
10. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
11. The Troubles

2-CD Deluxe Edition - the above, plus a bonus CD with

1. Lucifer's Hands (3:54)
2. The Crystal Ballroom (4:39)
3. Every Breaking Wave (from Acoustic Sessions) (4:28)
4. California (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:19)
5. Raised by Wolves (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:57)
6. Cedarwood Road (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:18)
7. Song for Someone (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:35)
8. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (Busker Version) (4:06)
9. The Troubles (Alternative Version) (4:32)
10. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective by Tchad Blake) 10:27)

That list with track times is from Meanwhile, Amazon France is also listing "Invisible" as an extra track attached on the end of CD 2 above, but their page has apparently changed a couple times -- showing "Invisible" at times, and not showing it at others.

Vinyl - double white vinyl

The vinyl release will feature the 11-track album on sides 1, 2 and 3, along with "The Crystal Ballroom 12-inch Mix" on side four.

Lastly, Amp Visual has shared a photo of the deluxe CD packaging, which shows that neither the band's name nor the album name is on the cover image.


U2 Reveals Cover Image for Songs Of Innocence

Posted: September 25, 2014
By: Matt McGee

U2 - Songs Of Innocence cover

U2 has revealed -- or maybe "confirmed" is the better word -- the cover image that will be used on the upcoming physical release of Songs Of Innocence.

Seen above, it's a stunning black-and-white photo of drummer Larry Mullen Jr. holding on to his 18-year-old son, Aaron Elvis. According to a story on, the photo was taken by Glen Luchford as an experiment, but the band saw the photo as a metaphor for the album. Says Bono:

"We've always been about community in U2, about family and friends. Songs Of Innocence is the most intimate album we've ever made. With this record we were looking for the raw, naked and personal, to strip everything back."

The album itself features a number of songs and lyrics that turn the clock back to the band's own experiences as teenagers in and around Dublin.

Bono told TIME magazine already that the Songs Of Innocence cover would feature Larry's son, and this image has started showing up online at Barnes & Noble's website and various Amazon websites. The physical release is set for October 13/14, which just happens to be right around the time Larry's son will turn 19.


(Unreliable) Bono: Songs Of Experience May Be a Year Away (or More)

Posted: September 23, 2014
By: Matt McGee

When Bono dropped the news of another new album called Songs Of Experience on the same day that Songs Of Innocence was released, the first question that many fans asked was ... when? Bono's original letter on said the second album would be out "soon enough," but in a recent interview with Brazil's Radio Cidade, he got a little more specific.

Admitting that he's not the most reliable source when it comes to U2 album releases, Bono said it could be 12-18 months before Songs Of Experience is released:

"There's a poet called William Blake who had a big influence on me growing up, and he had these two books of poetry -- Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience -- and it gave him a device, really, to be able to write about the past ... gave us a device to be able to write about the past, while at the same time writing about what's going on now. But I kept those thoughts for Songs Of Experience and they'll be coming out when they're finished, which, I don't think will be too long -- a year, year-and-a-half maybe. But I'm not very reliable on release dates!"

You can listen to clips from the interview on Radio Cidade's website. This quote is from Bono's second answer on that web page.


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